Old forum link so I have it while I build new forums.

This move was supposed to take a week. So far its been 6 and still expect to not be back online for 2 more. Frustration a plenty.

Welcome to Eilistraee’s Champions we are a gaming guild born on the Khyber Server of Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Since our birth on Dungeons and Dragons Online we have expanded to include Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e. Due to this you can find several campaigns and several helpful assets for spread across this site.

When you explore this site there are several things you will find. Most of all you will discover will be our discussions on the subject of Dungeons and Dragons. Furthermore, you will find Homebrew D&D assets available here we have made and invite everyone to use. While we will offer a great many assets for the DMs that visit we will also offer a great many assets for players.

But wait, there’s more.

In addition to the Pen and Paper side of Forgotten Realms there will also be discussion of other things related to Forgotten Realms. Content such as the Novelization, the single and multiplayer video games, and Dungeons and Dragons Online.

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