Tomi’s Second Interview of Joseph

How was your childhood?
“My Childhood.. it was painful.”

What are your earliest memories?
“Fighting bears, wolves, etc. I am not sure, to be perfectly honest.”

Did you have any sort of formal education or training?
“None at all.”

Were there any other sources you had to learn your skills or abilities?
“Given I spent most of my years in the wild. I had to learn everything solo.. which was more often than not, painful.’

While growing up did you have any role models?
“None at all. I grew up on my own.”

As a child what did you aspire to?
“Surviving to adulthood.. and I’m pretty sure I met that aspiration. a better question here would be “what do I aspire to now” to which I would say, set an example for when I actually have my own children.”

As a child what were your favorite activities?
“Hunting, besides gathering other materials to survive, that was the only thing that I found.. “fun”

As a child what kinds of personality traits did you display?
“The typical ones for a minotaur child, pent up aggression, want for a father and or mother figure, others I can’t think of at the moment.”

Have you had your first kiss?
“That would imply that I’ve ever gotten close to a man or woman who likes me for me.”

Have you had a lover, in the physical sense?
“None at all. that will come in due time when I’m actually ready to settle down.”

Do you have any sort of abilities that are abnormal for your race that is not a part of your training?
“I am not sure. do you mind if I raincheck this question?”

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