Tomi’s third interview of Zavi.

What event in your life has been more important than any other?

Zavi licks his lips, eyes squinting in thought “Well… there are two such events for me… I think the first one is more important, yes. It was the day when I was fighting the goblins trying to break into the clan warren. I was losing, since I was young and the goblins were many. Korkos – the halfling dragonborn I told you about earlier, you see – he saw that I needed help – and that I wasn’t backing down despite the danger. He drove the goblins back with ease and asked me if I wanted to come with him to the temple of Bahamut. I was… mesmerized by his strength and appearance… and kindness, the kind of which I have not seen before – so I went with him and started training to become a Cleric.”

Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

Zavi shrugged “Korkos, both times. He set me on the path of Bahamut – and the path of adventure.”

What is your greatest achivement in life so far?

Zavi chuckled “Travelling here from Cormyr without dying – that’s an achievement when you’re a kobold. A lot of the time, town guards and adventurers assume you’re hostile and go after you… The ring of sustenance I was gifted helped a lot in that endeavour”

What has been your greatest setback in life so far?

“My face” The kobold said “Not kidding – there are three kinds of people – the first kind immediately goes for their weapons, the second kind thinks I’m ‘So dang cute’ and wants to touch me without my permission, as if I was a dear pet cat. The third kind is the kind that doesn’t judge me immediately – and is sadly rare.”

What is the most immoral thing you have ever done?

Zavi rubbed his neck at that time “That was… in the transition period, when people weren’t so trusting of me in the Temple – and I was still thinking like Kulturmak said to think… one acolyte was an ass to me… so after a week or so I put a couple of poisonous frogs in his underwear drawer – in payback. Apparently they escaped from it before he got there and he wore poisoned knickers… good thing it all happened inside the temple, with clerics all around, otherwise… well, it’d be bad for him.”

Do you have any sort of criminal record?

Zavi shook his head vigorously “Nope. The clerics reformed me before I could’ve gotten myself into conflict with the Law and I follow the it.”

What was your most fearful moment?

That’s the second most impactful day of my life – when the Temple was attacked and Korkos fell during the battle. I took his buckler and I struggled desperately to stay alive – it was a close thing, but I survived… But the whole time I felt dread – because He was dead and I was worried – what if the reinforcements don’t arrive, or the help arrives too late to revive him? Thankfully, it all worked out in the end.”

What has been your greatest humiliation?

“We were sparring, that acolyte I poisoned earlier scoffed at me, saying that a kobold couldn’t be a cleric, since I’d die immediately if I tried to fight. I was really, really determined to prove him wrong, show him that he was stupid – I challenged him to a sparring match… everyone saw how I got my ass handed to me… damn human was always going for the grapple…”

If you could reverse any one event from your past, what would it be?

“Probably the one I just told you about – it’d be really inspirational if I actually proved him wrong then and there.”

What is your best memory?

Zavi smiled “When I was chosen to come here to fight against Tiamat. It felt like a special mission – especially with all the gear I was given to guarantee my success. It was a real honour… and I saw that Korkos was proud of me – even though he was still sick after being raised from the dead at the time.”

What has been your worst memory?

“When Korkos was dead and I was trying to stay alive. No half-witted adventurer or town guards trying to fight me ever got close to getting me so scared and anxious.”

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