Our first player loss

So we lost our first player, not through any sort of rage quit or disagreement or anything I know of. They have just stopped showing up or answering notes in any way. It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve heard a peep out of them. So I am going to just kindly assume they left their gear behind and returned to the southern forest from whence she came. Kina Phasefang has left us, and left behind the following items;

3,920 Silver Coins
780 Gold Coins
Ring of Invisibility
Black Diamond
Boots of Agile Leaping
Belt of Glory
Havers Handysack
+2 Called Mithril Breastplate Barding
Necklace of Natural Weapons +1
Ring of Force Shield

I have not released these to the players yet. I am not sure of a method to do so just yet. Maybe… a poker or dice game.

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