Tomi’s Fourth Interview of the Dvati Twins

Do you tend to view the world with an optimistic, or pessimistic outlook?
Shizuko: Optimism helps.

What is your greatest fear?
Retsuko: Not being able to become Samurai again.

What are your views on religion?
Shizuko: We worship the draconic goddess Hlal. Her views on humor and jokes and her unique form of honor have helped us accept that our path isn’t unwalked, just not a beaten path.

What are your views on politics?
Retsuko: The strong lead the weak, but only as long as they also protect or strengthen the weak as well. A leader who bleeds his people dry is no leader, but a villain.

What are your views on sex?
Shizuko: It’s… umm… no comment.

Under what conditions do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?
Retsuko: It’s acceptable for self defense, defense of others, and when both parties agree to risk their lives.
Shizuko: But surrender should always be accepted, and is one throws down their arms, or was unarmed in the first place, or was fighting against their will or impaired, mercy should be used.

What do you believe is the most evil thing a person could do?
Retsuko: Betraying one’s trust, or forcing one to do something dishonorable against their will.

Do you believe in the existence of soulmates?
Shizuko: We literally share the same soul already.

What do you believe defines success in life?
Retsuko: That’s not a topic we’ve ever thought of…

Do honest do you find yourself to be about your thoughts and feelings?
Shizuko: To ourselves? We’re usually honest, Same with to others.

Do you have any sort of bias or prejudices?
Retsuko: We’re… We’re not that good at trusting thieves or former criminals. We’re still adjusting to learning about other versions of the concept of honor.

Are there any things you absolutely refuse to do under any conditions? Why do you refuse?
Retsuko: Kill an innocent.
Shizuko: That should have obvious reasons.

Are there any things you would die for?
Retsuko: Our friends, our families, our lords, and anyone else we’ve sworn to protect, but not each other.
Shizuko:If one of us dies the other withers away day after day.

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