Tomi’s interview of the Cannon Man

What do you wish to be called?
“Cannon man works, Vaull works as well. Utta is acceptable, you know,as long as I know you’re talking to me we should be fine.”

Where and when were you born?
“I don’t remember.” He states, and shifts uncomfortably. “I’m not sure its too important.”

Who are, or were, your parents?
“My father was an Ox Clan instructor. My mother was a Geisha dancer. I presume both are still traveling.”

Do you know of any siblings?
“I was born into a large clan family. Though, that was not my life.”

Where do you call home now?
“Where my feet take me, but I recently settled down in North Star.”

What would you claim as your occupation?
There is a smile on his face. “Trust me, I’m an engineer.”

Suppose someone were blinde, how would you describe your appearance to them?
“A jolly, bald, fat man carrying a cannon. There isn’t much to me.”

What social class would you assign yourself?
“What ever social class crafters and mercenaries belong to? In Rokugan, we were part of the upper caste.”

Do you have any allergies, diseases, or ailments?
“I don’t like soft cheese, does that count?”

Are you left or right handed?
There is a moment of pause here. “I’d rather not discuss this.”

A century after you die of old age, someone may be reading the story of your adventures. How should they imagine your voice sounds?
“Like a laughing fool, lost to the passage of time.”

Are there any words or phrases you are fond of using?
“I have always found it funny, people here say ‘aye’ often, what does it mean?”

What do you have in your pockets, right this moment?
“Lint, a thunder stone or two, probably some local coins.” He then checks his pockets, shifting in his seat. “More lint.”

Do you have any mannerisms or quirks that put you at odds with those around you?
“I don’t like to be serious, and I’d rather spend nights at the tavern than preparing for war, but I’ll do what needs to be done, so no.”

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