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East Gate Defenders

This group is not controlled yet either. It’s made up of the town guard which consists of 10x Level 5 Warriors, 10x level 10 warriors, and a level 15 warrior which serves as the captain of the guard. When enemy attacks reach level 5 If this is still not being controlled I will simply roll […]

West Gate Defenders

Ooorrrn died charging the unusual scorpion-like constructs. Sadly, his natural abilities, even enhanced with magical potions couldn’t keep him alive when their claws and stingers hit him all at once. His brother, Hosz used to be a cheery, yet easily angered half orc became always angry, furious at the world – and especially the kobolds. […]

Wizard’s Tower

This is gonna be hell to flesh out but we have 100 wizards to work with, and seemingly the same number of Planetars and Pit Fiends. Need to get Nathan to actually answer PMs to finish fleshing this out.

Ranger’s Tower

This will get fleshed out more as I can coordnate data with Ajos’ Player. The Rangers tower has suffered several deaths. One level 1 ranger has died, and the level 4 rangers have lost all of their wolves. An Additional 160 Arrows have been manufactured for them. Also since I screwed up and promised they […]

Cleric’s Tower

Nobody is playing the Clerics yet so I won’t put much info here. If anyone decides to pick them up this will certainly get fleshed out a lot. 1 level 1 cleric has died. This leaves 99 clerics, and a Druid ain’t one….Wait… What? The clerics tower has an infinite supply of Heal Minor Wounds […]

Tomi’s Interview of Cocona

What do you wish to be called? -By my name? If you’re asking for my name you could have said so far more clearly… It’s… It’s Cocona by the way. Where and when were you born? -Shit, somewhere close to a decade and a half or something ago. I never really cared much to keep […]

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