Tomi’s Interview of Cocona

What do you wish to be called?
-By my name? If you’re asking for my name you could have said so far more clearly… It’s… It’s Cocona by the way.

Where and when were you born?
-Shit, somewhere close to a decade and a half or something ago. I never really cared much to keep track of my exact age, though I do think there is a book in my old warren that keeps an accurate record of it. It was a tiny little place, but we made it work. Had to fend off a few rare adventuring groups before I ended up slapping some sense into the human lord. Last I checked you could still see my claw print on his cheek.

Who are, or were, your parents?
-I can narrow it down to about fifty people. In my warren we acted like a giant family. Eggs were given to the nursery and then everyone is hatched by the elder nurse. Everything is kept secret to make sure everyone feels like family so the only one who knows who had what egg is the elder nurse and the one who laid it.

Do you know of any siblings?
-Sort of answer by the last question, but my entire warren is technically my siblings, though I guess more specifically would be my specific egg group, the group of eggs that hatched around the same time, is technically the closest you could call to ‘siblings’.

Where do you call home now?
-Whatever inn will have me. Though they tend to not let me stay for long.

What would you claim as your occupation?
-I kill shit and get paid. Whatever the fuck you want to call me after that is up to you.

Suppose someone were blind, how would you describe your appearance to them?
-I’m a small fucking dragon person.

What social class would you assign yourself?
-I don’t know? I don’t exactly need to worry for a daily meal as long as I keep up work if that’s what you’re asking, though I don’t have enough to buy a mansion or something.

Do you have any allergies, diseases, or ailments?
-I get indigestion when eating stuff that’s too spicy, so I tend to avoid stuff like that. Always preferred sweet and savory instead anyway.

Are you left or right handed?
-Right, but people have come to fear my left-handed slap.

A century after you die of old age, someone may be reading the story of your adventures. How should they imagine your voice sounds?
-Like a snake decided to tell you to fuck off.

Are there any words or phrases you are fond of using?
-Do you want me to get a list? Examples include: Fuck, shit, cunt, dick, and the more tame but none-the-less superiorly sarcastic: Good for you.
What do you have in your pockets, right this moment?
-Lets see… That’s a severed hand. Was that freds? Wasn’t I supposed to give his hand in as proof I killed him? That explains why they didn’t pay me in full actually. I should probably apologize later.

Do you have any mannerisms or quirks that put you at odds with those around you?
-…I think hamsters are cute… Wait, are you writing that down? Tell anyone and I will break your legs!

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