West Gate Defenders

Ooorrrn died charging the unusual scorpion-like constructs. Sadly, his natural abilities, even enhanced with magical potions couldn’t keep him alive when their claws and stingers hit him all at once. His brother, Hosz used to be a cheery, yet easily angered half orc became always angry, furious at the world – and especially the kobolds.

Avail is an elf born in a human settlement. When he grew up he immediately left his parents, influenced by the thugs he talked with on the streets over the years. He became one of them – until he realized they were a truly bad company that didn’t care for each other – so he left them and joined up with other adventurers coming to North Star. Lack of Fighter’s training is a serious disadvantage, but he still fights bravely, despite witnessing the death of a fellow defender.

Seebo and Roondar are gnomish bards. Roondar wanted to go on an adventure, but his mom didn’t let him come alone and forced Seebo, his older, more experienced brother to come with him, despite him not being fit for combat – or even his own trade. Still, They both bring some things to the table.

Thorhalla is a human sorceress with strong protective instincts – those instincts granted her protection spells first over all else. Thankfully, she bought a wand of cure light wounds and a crossbow, which makes her an important addition to the party.

The newest member of the west gate defenders is Helga, a Human druid. She’s pretty short, but that only makes enemies more surprised when her Shillelagh crushes their bones and her St. Bernard called Bort clamps his teeth around their limbs.

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