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Tomi’s second interview of Vasa

How was your childhood? It was a rather good one. Teasing the hell out of Soba, and generally being a lil’ sh*t to just simply trying to have fun. What are your earliest memories? Earliest memories would probably be… Playing with Soba, while playing keep away with a shiny rock the two of us found. […]

Tomi’s third interview of Ajos

Q.)What event in your life has been more important than any other? A.) That day I got my Dire Bat Moca, She signals my growth as a druid, I suppose Q.)Who has had the greatest impact on your life? A.)No on really, I just tend live my life doing what I see best. Q.)What is […]

Tomi’s third interview of the Twins

What event in your life has been more important than any other? Retsuko: Being granted our pilgrimage. Shizuko: Despite being branded honorless from it… Who has had the greatest impact on your life? Retsuko: Probably our mother, despite how much we love our father. Shizuko: Mixed race families are hard. What is your greatest achievement […]

Tomi’s third interview of Merdiin

Tomi: What event in your life has been more important than any other? Merdiin: “Leaving home and experiencing the outside world for the first time has certainly been an enlightening experience. In a sense that event is still an ongoing process because I feel like i’m learning something new everyday.” The wizard responds truthfully. Tomi: […]

Tomi’s second interview with Zavi

How was your childhood? Zavi reclined in the chair, eyes unfocusing as he looked to the past. “Lot of work. First in the tribe, as soon as I could lift a pick, I was sent to the mines to learn with other hatchlings. Then, after I left the tribe and joined the temple there was […]

Tomi’s second interview with the Dvati Twins

How was your childhood? Retsuko: It was tough, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Shizuko: Mother raised us as people whilst Father raised us as warriors. He was always strict because of our frailty, but he loved us. What are your earliest memories? Retsuko: Probably when we were given our first Bokken, our […]

Quest Board

There is a new job board post outside the tavern that was not there this morning when you left the tavern. It has a few postings on it already. As many of you well know, the three ancient towers around our town will be pivitol to our defence and the survival for many of us. […]

Casualty Report

A casualty report is posted by the old man. It reads as follows; We defend against our first attack a few days sooner than we should have. It seems one of our recent friends seems to have lost control of themselves and launched the attack early. The kobolds attacked the mind of our dear Avail. […]

Tomi’s interview of Zavi

Tomi: As you are in the midst of your evening meal you are ambushed by a halfling armed with books and pens. He sits at yoru table across from you with an all to cheery grin. ” Greetings, adventurer. Would you be willing to share with me your story? I have some questions I would […]

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