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Another Chosen of Bahamut

Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to all fear effects (Ex, Su, Sp … etc). Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to sleep effects. Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to all paralysis effects. Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to disintegration. Each Chosen of Bahamut is immune to all level drain effects. The Chosen […]

Chosen of H’lal

+2 Wis +2 Charisma +6 to saves vs fear and poison +4 to Bluff +4 to Sense Motive +4 to oral performances 1/day – A Chosen of H’lal may cure any form of poison 1/day – A Chosen of H’lal may make a verbal performance check to break a target free from a fear effect. […]

Chosen of Bahamut Template

Prerequisite: Must be good aligned Dragon, Half-Dragon, or Dragonblooded Individual. Must Worship Bahamut +2 Int +2 Wis +2 Cha +2 to all saves Allies get +4 vs dragon fear. Those without wings, gain wings and can fly at a good level. Those with wings have their flight quality increased by 1 tier. Feat: Mobility Scales […]

Another chosen of Eilistraee template

+4 Wis +8 Dex Spells – Constant: Constant: Magic Circle Against Evil, Freedom of Movement, Tongues, Foresight Feats: Whirlwind Spells – 5/day: Protection from Law, Calm Emotions, Atonement Spells – 3/Day: Moonblade Timeless Body: As per the druid class ability Dancing Sword: any sword wielded by the chosen gains the dancing property. The Chosen can […]

Chosen of Eilistraee

+8 Dex +4 Cha Spells – Constant: Protection from Evil, Freedom of Movement, Comprehend Languages Spells – At Will: Dancing Lights, Protection from Law Spells – 5/day: Cat’s Grace, Calm Emotions, Suggestion Spells – 3/day: Magic Missile(5 missiles) Moon Blade Spells 1/day: Moonfire Immunities: Aging, still accrues aging penalties Any Sword wielded by a chosen […]

Another Chosen of Mielikki Template

+6 Dex +4 Wis +4 Cha +4 Survival +4 Hide Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Create Portal, Forester Spells At Will: At Will – Calm Animals, Barkskin, Obscuring Mist Spells 5/day: 5/day – Hold Animal, Speak with Animals, Woodshape Spells 3/day: 3/day – Call Lightning, Quench, Liveoak, Summon Nature’s Alley VI(unicorn only) Spells 1/day: 1/day – […]

Chosen of Meilikki Template

Dex: +2 Con: +2 Wis: +5 Saves: +2 to all DR: 5/- Feats: Forester, Skill Focus(Wilderness Lore), Track Spells – COnstant: Endure Elements(Acid, Cold, Fire, Sonic) Spells – At Will: Detect Poison, Speak with Animals, Calm Animal, Speak with Plants Spells 3/day: Wood Shape, Water Breathing, Entangle, Tree Slide Spells 1/day: Azaken, Commune with Nature, […]

Another Chosen of Tiamat template

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the things that take our breath away. —– Tiamat’s Blood: (EX) The chosen of Tiamat can call upon her goddess and energize her dragon blood. Filled with energy and strength beyond one of her kind; she transforms into a true dragon for a number […]

A Chosen of Tiamat Template

So, in times past there were some forums where people shared ideas. Well, I mean, such forums still exist. But some have fallen by the wayside and disappeared taking with them all of their histories. During one of my visits to such a forum, I ended up finding a thread filled with fan made chosen […]

The seventh visit Tomi makes with Zavi

Describe your typical daily routine? Zavi counted on his fingers. “It’s pretty simple. I wake up, I meditate, looking into myself, pray and receive the spells I asked for in my prayer. Then I stretch, put on my armour if I know it’s going to be needed and that’s about it.” What is your response […]

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