Fifth interview of Ajos

Q.)How do you treat people you have only just met?
A.) Much like how I treat you, Kind and Open minded but, tend on the feeling they give me. A bad person tend give me unease

Q.)Does this behavior chance as you get to know more about them?
A.) I’ve been known to grow sarcastic at times.

Q.)Who is the most important person in your life?
A.) Myself for now

Q.)What person in your life do you respect the most?
A.) The fire witch

Q.)Tell me about those you call friend.
A.) I don’t have any, Unless the Bat counts

Q.) Do you have a significant other?
A.) No, I believe I’ve said this before

Q.)Have you ever experienced love first hand?
A.) No

Q.)What do you look for in a potential lover?
A.) I’m not out actively searching, my life is much to nomadic for a lover, unless they are willing to travel along side me

Q.)How close are you to your family now?
A.) I haven’t seen my mother since we departed 10 years ago

Q.)Have you begun, or planned to begin, a family of your own?
A.) No

Q.)Who or what would you turn to for help in a moment of desperation?
A.) I would call upon a village I’ve aided, if the town is prosperous I tend to leave them with the notion I may return if I’m ever in need of aid as well

Q.)Are there any that you trust to protect you?
A.) Moca

Q.)If you were to die or go missing, who would miss you?
A.) Moca

Q.)Who or what is it you despise the most?
A.) Liquor

Q.)Do you find yourself to be confrontational or do you go out of your way to avoid conflict?
A.) I’d rather not fight if didn’t have to, there is no such thing as a fair fight in my opinon so someone always leaves it hurt and mad.

Q.)Do you find yourself attracted to leadership roles in social situations?
A.) No

Q.)Do you enjoy interacting with large groups?
A.) I suppose, I talk when I think I should

Q.)Do you care about the opinions others have of you?
A.) So long as my title as witch doesn’t stick I’m quite fine with myself

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