The seventh visit Tomi makes with Zavi

Describe your typical daily routine?

Zavi counted on his fingers. “It’s pretty simple. I wake up, I meditate, looking into myself, pray and receive the spells I asked for in my prayer. Then I stretch, put on my armour if I know it’s going to be needed and that’s about it.”

What is your response to this routine being disrupted?

If my meditations or prayer get interrupted – Well… I am rather irate about it. I need uninterrupted time with myself to do it right. I usually tell the disruptor to wait until I’m done – unless it’s a real emergency. I do use… some harsh words then.”

What is your greatest personal strength?

Zavi went quiet, frowning and tapping his chin… “I… am not sure… maybe my link with Bahamut? That or my dragon blood. Both are a source of strength for me, both important.”

What is your greatest personal weakness?

Zavi shrugged “My meagre stature – I trained a lot of alleviate it, but I’m still physically frail and I’d have trouble beating a commoner in an arm-wrestling contest….” Zavi sighed. “But I’m also ashamed that I didn’t put that much effort into studying – I could’ve been smarter, much smarter.”

If you could change one thing about who or what you are, what would it be?

“If I didn’t have to sacrifice one thing for another, I’d definitely want to be smarter. Some things wizards say go right over my head – and I don’t like that, what if they insulted me or said something really important that I should know?” Zavi sighed “Well, at least I don’t do what Kurtulmak says to do in that situation – and that’s holding a grudge and taking revenge. Not a good thing to punish someone else for your own failings.”

Are you generally introverted or extroverted?

Zavi shrugged “Somewhere in between I guess. I try to be sociable, talk with others, tell them what’s wrong, ask what’s bothering them… but a lot of the times, people simply don’t want to open up to me and tell me to leave then alone… and that sort of thing sticks around, you know? Like, in the back of my head I always think that I’m annoying people with my presence, that they don’t want to see me, and so forth. It’s an effort to ignore it – but I’m trying.”

Are you generally organized or messy?

Zavi huffed “I’m a kobold! Not only that, but I’m also a cleric – discipline is my second name! I keep my scales clean and shiny, I keep my armour oiled and rust-free, and I organize my belongings so I don’t fumble around trying to reach something… Still, a Handy Haversack would be han– useful.”

Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at.

“Staying unnoticed, smiting evil and compromising. Being small helps a lot with the first one.”

Name three things you consider yourself to be very bad at.

“Playing instruments, deciphering unknown scripts… and lying – people tell me I have ‘obvious tells’, whatever those are.”

Do you like the current self that you are?

Zavi nodded “There are things I’d like to improve about myself – and I’m going to fix those things in time. I’m feeling good about myself and my drive, from my heritage to my life choices.”

What is your current reason for adventuring?

“I’m on a mission to stop Tiamat’s current scheme. It’s a part of my religion – big part of it in fact. Another thing is that adventuring brings…” He searched for the right word for a moment “Growth – much faster than sitting over books. And I do need to grow… figuratively, not literally… I don’t think I can grow non-magically anymore.”

Do your real reasons differ from those you give to the public?

Zavi tilted his head “That’s a… weird question. They don’t differ, it’s my reason and I don’t need to keep it a secret… and if someone DID have a secret reason for being an adventurer – why would they tell it to a person who was writing it all down?”

What is your ultimate life goal?

“After I’m no longer in business of thwarting evil dragon deities, I’d like to start a new tribe, with good kobolds, worshipping good gods – like Bahamut… I know our history and why most of us worship Kulturmak, but I think it’s time we as a species moved on – and I want to help with that.”

What do you hope to see when you examine yourself in five years?

“I hope to see myself stronger, more experienced – and having thrwarted Tiamat at least twice. Five years isn’t a long time for me, unlike so many other kobolds

If you had the choice to chose your own death, what would it be?

“In a comfortable bed, with my armour, shield and weapon being passed to one that would willingly follow my path, with a belly full of cider and kobolds singing of my heroic deeds…” Zavi flushed “I think I went a bit… overboard with that. Apologies.”

If you were going to die in 24 hours, what three things would you try to cram into your final day?

“Well, let’s start with that I really, REALLY don’t want to die in 24 hours… but if I it was really imminent and there was nothing I could do about it – I’d like to do as much good as I could before I expired – I’d give away my valuables to people who would use them best, tell the person I find most worthy to take my gear and use it for good – and finally, I’d like to flip off Tiamat’s hordes and do as much damage as I could to them.”

What single thing that you have done so far would you want to be remembered for should you die?

Zavi shrugged “I haven’t done much… but I’d like for people to remember that I was trying to bridge the gap between kobolds and the rest of the Realms while also fighting the Good Fight.”

What do you hope to accomplish with the rest of your life that will result in you being remembered for that?

“An extension of what I already said – that I mended the gap between kobolds and the rest of the Realms – and that my actions made Tiamat really freaking pissed, enough so that the future generations of her minions would curse my name – and the Bahamutians to drink in my honour from time to time. Gotta be ambitious.”

What three words best describe your public personality?

“I think those words would be – Good, Just, Reasonable”

What three words best describe your private personality?

“… Loving, Compromising and Dependable… I hope.”

What three words would others use to describe you?

Zavi pursed his lips “Small, Cute, Feisty… at least, I think that’s what they’re saying.”

If you the player, could sit before your character, what advice would you give the character?

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Don’t get killed – run to fight another day.” – said a voice from beyond the Fourth Wall

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