A Chosen of Tiamat Template

So, in times past there were some forums where people shared ideas. Well, I mean, such forums still exist. But some have fallen by the wayside and disappeared taking with them all of their histories. During one of my visits to such a forum, I ended up finding a thread filled with fan made chosen templates which I shamelessly scalped. I wish I had the original files still so I could cite the original authors, alas I do not. But here is one of the templates given.

Chosen of Tiamat:
Gain 2 Dragon Feats.

Tiamat’s blessing: (EX) The chosen of Tiamat is filled with energy and strength beyond one of her age. In all things, the chosen is considered two age categories greater than she actually is. (Individual DMs will have to stat out dragons beyond Great Wyrm)

The great hatching: (EX) As chromatic dragons grow older and more paranoid they tend to be more reclusive and less likely to mate. Sent to counter this trend and increase the numbers of evil dragons, the chosen’s mere presence begins to awaken the mating urge in any dragon within one mile per age category. Not wanting to lose any amorous males to rudely awaken she-dragons the chosen usually visits the territory of reluctant females who have not laid a clutch of eggs within the last three to four years. Clutches conceived during this time tend to be larger and more robust than average and the DC for hatching is reduced by five. If female the chosen may clutch twice as often as a normal dragon.

Many Scales: The Chosen of Tiamat may change into any other chromatic dragon type. During this weeklong change, the chosen sinks into a catatonic state and is encased in a great egg-like cocoon.

Alternate form: (SU) Tiamat’s chosen may take the shape of any medium size or smaller animal or humanoid as a standard action three times per day.

Improved breath weapon: Increase range by 25% and damage to d12s.

Spells: Divine spells equal to their sorcerer level, gaining bonus spells for high wisdom.

Speed: +20 speed increase to flight and any other applicable modes of travel. Flight maneuverability increases by two steps.

Aging penalties, effectively immortal, mind-affecting abilities

Senses: (EX): Increase the range of all senses by 50%

CR/LA +4

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