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Another Chosen of Mielikki Template

+6 Dex +4 Wis +4 Cha +4 Survival +4 Hide Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Create Portal, Forester Spells At Will: At Will – Calm Animals, Barkskin, Obscuring Mist Spells 5/day: 5/day – Hold Animal, Speak with Animals, Woodshape Spells 3/day: 3/day – Call Lightning, Quench, Liveoak, Summon Nature’s Alley VI(unicorn only) Spells 1/day: 1/day – […]

Chosen of Meilikki Template

Dex: +2 Con: +2 Wis: +5 Saves: +2 to all DR: 5/- Feats: Forester, Skill Focus(Wilderness Lore), Track Spells – COnstant: Endure Elements(Acid, Cold, Fire, Sonic) Spells – At Will: Detect Poison, Speak with Animals, Calm Animal, Speak with Plants Spells 3/day: Wood Shape, Water Breathing, Entangle, Tree Slide Spells 1/day: Azaken, Commune with Nature, […]

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