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Chosen of Vhaeraun

BONUS SPELLS (Sp): Constant~~ Protection from good, Detect secret doors, Cloak of Dark power. At will~~ Locate Object, Non Detection, pass without trace. 5/day:~~ DarkFire, Pass without Trace. 3/day~~ Blur, Shadow Mask. 1/day~~ Black Blade of Disaster, Greater Planar Ally. The Shadow’s favor (Ex): The chosen gets a +4 divine bonus to all saves made against […]

Chosen of Azuth

Bonus Spells (Sp): Constant—Fly. At will—ESP, True Seeing. Rapid Preparation (Sp): An Chosen of Azuth needs only 10 minutes to prepare spells instead of an hour. Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of Azuth are immune to aging, disease, disintegration and poison. They have no need of sleep (although they must rest normally in order to prepare […]

Chosen of Sune

• Spell-like Abilities (Sp): Constant – mind blank, negative energy protection, and sanctuary. At will – charm person, command, enthrall, hypnotism. 5/day – charm monster, hold person, and suggestion. 3/day – confusion, emotion, and dominate person. 1/day – dominate monster, demand, and insanity. • Damage Reduction (Ex): 10/+1. • Immunities: A Chosen of Sune is […]

Chosen of Lolth

Special Qualities: A Chosen of Lolth retains all special qualities of the character and also gains the following. Bonus Spells (Sp): Constant—spider climb, Cloak of Dark Power, free action. At will–discern lie, enthrall. 5/day:–see invisibility, shield of faith, warning shout*. 3/day–hold monster, zone of truth. 1/day–  Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of Lolth are immune to […]

Another Chosen of Corellion Template

Chosen of Corellion Larethian The Chosen of Corellion Larethian are individuals devoted to his ideals and consider themselves to be sacred caretakers of the elven race. Any elf or half elf may be chosen by Corellion but he favors individuals that work to care for elves or seek lost elven relics and magic. Spell Like […]

Chosen of Corellon Larethian

Sometimes dubbed Feywarden Its a template that can be added to any Elf, or Half Elf. A Chosen of Corellon uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below. This excludes Drow as Corellon turned his back on Drow including those he personally sired. +4 Dex +3 Con +4 Cha +3 Str +4 […]

Another Chosen of Bahamut Template

+10 Charisma +5 Holy AC Immunities [Ex]: Chosen are immune to disintegration effects and death effects  Shimmering Breath [Su]: Blessed by the Platinum Dragon himself, the Chosen are able to breathe a magical, shimmering gas. It can be a 100 ft. cone or a 150 ft. line and may be used to the following effects once per […]

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