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So A while back I was working on A game that was going to begin in a harvest festival. During the planning for that festival, I had begun to come up with A bunch of festival/carnival style games and activities players could take part in. Such things are unpopular with most of the D&D community. But, frankly, I don’t give A shit what the most of the community likes or thinks. I care about what I can make it fun for my players. So here is my list, and I would like your opinions. Did I miss something obvious? Is there something you would like to hear more about? Is there something here you think is terrible?

1. Bake off
2. Cook-off
3. Archery
4. Sneaking
5. Chopping Wood
6. Melee Combat
7. Ranged Combat
8. Lock Picking
9. Wrestling
10. Boxing
11. Jousting
12. Horse Racing
13. Foot Racing
14. Obstacle Course
15. Poker/DicePoker(1cp, 1sp, 1gp, 1pp)
16. Group Archery Contest
17. Talent/performance
18. Magic Contest
19. Tightrope
20. Children lost at the end
21. Pickpockets that put things IN your pocket.
22. Eating contest
23. Drinking contest
24. Snapshot archery contest
25. Sling contest
26. Throwing weapon contest(Accuracy and distance)
27. Animal wrestling
28. Ring toss
29. Knock over bottles
30. Ball in cup
31. Riddle/puzzle contest
32. High Striker/Strength Contest
33. Dodger/Dex Contest
34. Animal show/animal handling
35. Animal tracking
36. Run your own booth(Include a stall of items great for civies but lame for adventurers)
37. Fortune Teller
38. Palm Reader
39. Tug of War
40. Raffles

Obviously, this is just the list. There are no details here. But in future posts, I do plan to post the details of each activity, the rules of it, and some examples of how each are played.

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One Response to “Festival Games”

  1. Camber says:

    Something for the appraise skill. Like guessing the value of a jar of gemstones. (instead of the number of jellybeans).

    And I like the talent/performance contest. I think performance rolls should play a part. But players should post their lyrics. That would make it more fun.

    Is Dragon Chess still a thing in D&D?

    And the animal handling could involve untrained wild animals, like a rodeo.

    Some events could allow magic and others without.

    Great ideas Kaote!

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