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Sack of Trafficking

Sack of Trafficking Upgrades Holding Lvl Max Wt Feels Like Vol Limit Value 0 8 lbs 0.5 lbs 1 cu ft 200 gp 1 16 lbs 1 lbs 2 cu ft 400 gp 2 32 lbs 5 lbs 4 cu ft 800 gp 3 64 lbs 10 lbs 8 cu ft 1600 gp 4 128 […]

The Tokens Minigames

So, the giveaways where I give away free games is A failure. But there is something else I can work on instead. The tokens and activity system. For those that do not know there is A system on the website that rewards individuals that are active upon the website. Visiting the website while logged in, […]

Archery Carnival Game

So this was my first minigame I ever came up with. It was pretty basic but fantasy themed right from the start. I based it off those cork-gun and dart games you might find at a real life carnival. The rules and procedures are as follows. The player pays A 10 gold entry fee to […]

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