Land of M’Kal – The year is 1363. M’Kal is the name of the Continent, a continent on Toril that sits far apart from Faerun itself. War here has ended. Though there is still competition between religions and businesses none of it comes to battle. The division between races has been dramatically reduced. Ever year A festival takes place in the northern village, Northstar. This festival has taken place every year in the same week for as many years as anyone can remember.

Return to M’Kal: Won’t be fleshing this one out much as how it pans out is heavily dependent on the results of the campaign above.

Menzoberranzan – This is a write up of the first campaign I ever DM’d. I made a lot of mistakes, I over planned a lot of things, and I micro-managed to much. But this was my first leap into DMing. I knew I had to either just take the leap and do something big, even if it was stupid, or I would just keep procrastinating and find excuses to put off learning to DM. So I intend to flesh out and finish making this campaign. Even if I never get to play it with anybody ever again I just want to finish writing it up for sentimental purposes.

Monster Tower: The Monster Tower sits in the midst of a massive desert. At it’s base resides a town build in front of the tower along a major trade road. There is no water, no resources, and nothing here for the town to sustain itself… except for the tower. Within the tower monsters continue to appear on it’s many floors seemingly without end. Monsters are incapable of leaving but brave adventurers are able to go in. Those brave enough, and skilled enough, may venture in and discover many treasures and forms of wealth to bring back out with them. The tower itself seems to only be twenty feet across from the outside, yet those that have ventured it speak of each floor being filled with rooms each of which are several times larger than the entire tower.

The Guild: Yesterday was your coming of age, you are not an adult. There was a celebration all day seemingly without break. Yet your father was nowhere to be seen for the entire day. The day after, you are approached by your father, with a business proposal. He tells you that you are now expected to move out. But you are not being kicked out high and dry. Instead, he is giving you 1,000 gold and an ultimatum. If you can grow this money inside of a month, and have a business to show for it, you will be given more money. However, if you have less than your starting gold at the end of the month then you lose your family inheritance, permanently.

The Caravan: A Halfling woman is getting together a trade caravan to run a path she already has planned out. She is looking to hire on craftsman, diplomatic swords, as well as guards to all take part in making her caravan a success. If she profits, you profit.

Xemmatara: A Sandbox world. This is designed to be quite similar in it’s design to a popular game series I shall not at all mention by name. This is intended to be ran with multiple parties of 1 adventuring and impacting the world independantly.

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