Monster Tower: The Monster Tower sits in the midst of a massive desert. At it’s base resides a town build in front of the tower along a major trade road. There is no water, no resources, and nothing here for the town to sustain itself… except for the tower. Within the tower monsters continue to appear on it’s many floors seemingly without end. Monsters are incapable of leaving but brave adventurers are able to go in. Those brave enough, and skilled enough, may venture in and discover many treasures and forms of wealth to bring back out with them. The tower itself seems to only be twenty feet across from the outside, yet those that have ventured it speak of each floor being filled with rooms each of which are several times larger than the entire tower.

Xemmatara: A Sandbox world. This is designed to be quite similar in it’s design to a popular game series I shall not at all mention by name. This is intended to be ran with multiple parties of 1 adventuring and impacting the world independantly.

Land of M’Kal(West Marches)

Echos of the past

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