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Looking for some players for a new large scale campaign I’ve been planning and working on for almost a year now. It will be a fairly standard game starting out. Strongly encorage people to stick to mostly PHB classes and races. Though there are a few extra races that will receive some extra plot points. Kobolds, Orcs, Duegar, Dragons, Dragonkin, Dragonborn, and of course the DM’s favorite, Drow. All of these races live in peace separate from the politics of the mainlands of Toril.

This game will be run on D&D 3.5e, using the standard elite array(15,14,13,12,10,8) allowing for up to two flaws with a feat for each. There will be no starting money, in exchange I will be rolling for your starting items plus granting you a legacy item that will be tied to your race and class. All starting at level 1 as applicable. Might also give people the leadership feat so that their cohort is their backup character.

The start of the story is this; Every year the town of Northstar has a festival. Each year the monsterous tribes of the northern wastes launch an attack against Northstar. The attack lasts a week and usually involves about a hundred attackers coming at the town in small groups over the course of the week. This has happened for so many years, and so reliably, that the locals and regional guards no longer consider it a serious threat but instead mock the event by having a festival and encouraging adventurers from the entire continent to come take part in the defense. As such the militaries have no longer taken part for a great many years instead leaving it to those that see it as the game it has become.

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