The Story So Far

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This story begins A thousand years ago in a time of great war…but you really don’t care about all that do you? You want to know about the immediate events that lay out before you that you can actually interact with. Screw that stuff from the old dusty history books.

Very well.

There exists A village, far to the north. A village by the name of Northstar. This town was thus named due to it being the northern most peak of civilized society, or at least that is the stories told today. For as long as anybody can remember, this village comes under attack once a year. This attack comes the same time every year and lasts a full week then ends just as it began. There is no known reason why this happens. The monsters that attack every year are not always the same. Sometimes it is orcs, or hobgoblins, or gnolls. It is assumed that these persistant attacks are a remnant of the war a thousand years ago. Yet even though the monsters never gain any ground, or any resources from the attack, it happens ever year without fail. It’s been called ritualistic in it’s reliability.

It has been so predictable for so long that Northstar’s culture has changed to include this annual attack. Ever year a festival is held around the same time as the attack. A festival that revolves around new and veteran adventures traveling the world to come here and take part. This is a great chance for veterans to find new recruits, as well as a great chance for newbies to launch their career.

Thus our story begins, in the week leading up to the latest festival…

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