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Menzoberranzan – This is a write up of the first campaign I ever DM’d. I made a lot of mistakes, I over planned a lot of things, and I micro-managed to much. But this was my first leap into DMing. I knew I had to either just take the leap and do something big, even if it was stupid, or I would just keep procrastinating and find excuses to put off learning to DM. So I intend to flesh out and finish making this campaign. Even if I never get to play it with anybody ever again I just want to finish writing it up for sentimental purposes.


1. Write up a character concept including a back story and a couple of personal motivations.

2. Drow have no level adjustment.

3. Use 32-point buy.

4. Two flaws may be taken, if they carry a meaningful impact.

Daughter of Halistra

The mysterious spider known as a Daughter of Halistra is something of a mythical creature only known of in rumors. The stories say that these exist in a finite number. Only Nine may exist at any one time. They are the legacy of a former Avatar of Lolth known by the name Halistra T’Savar. These spiders are prone to obeying any priestess that is in good standing with Lolth. However, the moment that priestess loses favor, even for a moment, they will turn on her with ferocity.They hunt and eat daily. Preferring to eat prey that is still alive it is quite a troublesome enemy.for those feint of heart. When the spider eats it grows more powerful, absorbing the power of it’s meal to increase it’s own power. When it stores enough power it will form into an egg. After a few days in this form it will hatch into a new, larger, and more powerful form to begin eating and gathering power again. When it has reached it’s final form it will still continue to gather energy. When it has reached it’s peak of power it will use this energy to split itself apart. It will become a number of eggs needed to replace itself, and as many additional eggs to bring it’s global population back to nine should any others have been killed. If one is ever killed, those that will remain will gain the ability to track the unlucky individual to have struck the death blow. Those that remain will begin to actively hunt this individual at all costs.

Form: First
DR: 0
HP Per Level: 1/level
Damage: 1d2+(1 per level)
Size: Fine

HP Per Level: 2/level
Damage: 1d4+(1/level)
Size: Diminutive

Form: Third
HP Per Level: 3/level
Damage: 1d6+(1/level)
Size: Tiny

Form: Fourth
DR: 3
HP Per Level: 5/level
Damage: 1d8+(1/level)
Size: Small

Form: Fifth
DR: 5
HP Per Level: 10/level
Damage: 1d10+(1/level)
Size: Medium

DR: 8
HP Per Level: 15/level
Damage: 2d6(+2/level)
Size: Large

DR: 10
HP Per Level: 30/level
Damage: 2d8(+2/level)
Size: Huge

Form: Eighth
DR: 15
HP Per Level: 40/level
Size: Gargantuan

Form: Nineth
HP Per Level: 50/level
Size: Colossal

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