First Floor

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Each time you enter a new room A d10 is rolled to determine your encounter type. After that a d10 is used to determine which of that encounter you will face.

1-5: Monster

1 Death’s Head Fruit Dragon Magazine 339, Page 50
2 Slinger Scorpion Monster Manual 5, Page 145
3 Fine Animated Object Dragon Magazine 341, Page 65
4 Bat Monster Manual, Page 268
5 Toad Monster Manual, Page 282
6 Rat Monster Manual, Page 278
7 Mind Leach Fiendfolio, Page 217
8 Psionic Sinew Fiendfolio, Page 218
9 Fiendish Familiar Fiendfolio, Page 219
10 Gutworm Fiendfolio, Page 220

6-8: Trap

1 Trenchfall DC16 1d6

9: Magic Trap
10: Chest

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