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All information on this page is considered COMMON KNOWLEDGE to locals. So if you are a local, you already know. If you are not a local buy someone a drink and they will tell you all about it.

1. Once you enter you may not leave the tower through the front door.
2. Each floor of the tower has eleven rooms.
3. The first ten rooms are identical on every floor with minor differences. They are always 60 foot by 60 foot by 60-foot cubes. They may have minor changes to accommodate any sort of creatures that may appear.
4. The eleventh room on each floor is also identical. 60 foot tall, 60 foot wide and 180 feet long. In the back third of the room, there is a stairway leading down to the treasure room.
5. The back of the treasure room has two portals. One leading outside and one leading to the next floor up.
6. Every room that is defeated will produce a strange coin with emblems related to Tymora on it. These coins may be used to grant you significant luck in a single action or to open one of the chests in the treasure room.
7. If you linger for more than 5 minutes in a room it will spawn another encounter.
8. Once the entire party has advanced the door behind them will shut and vanish preventing backtracking.
9. When you leave the tower to head back in you will have the option to start at the last floor you defeated, or start back at level 1. The first character of a part to enter gets to make this choice.
10. XP is given at a flat rate. Each room you beat on a floor gives you 100xp multiplied by the floor number you are on. But only if you are equal to the level of the room you are in. If you are in A room of a level lower than yourself, you gain no experience at all.

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