The Caravan

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Looking for a job? Want room for growth and promotion?

Well then, Brezira has got an offer for you. A job, quite possibly a long term job at that.

My caravan is leaving Zazesspur tomorrow heading north for Mosstone. If you tag along for the ride as one of my guards I will cover your food and drink needs, and pay you 1 gold upon safe arrival in Mosstone. Once there you will have the choice, go your own way or continue with me to my next stop. Of course, those that stick around longer will get better pay. Loyalty deserves its rewards does it not?

But like all good things, there are some rules.
1. If we do get into a fight along the way, all loot from that fight is mine. If you prove to be a loyal guard and something we have looted is an upgrade from what you have, we may be able to swap.
2. Interrupt my music, and I will put a hole in you. In fact, there are several things you can do that will earn you a hole; sit on your ass while my caravan is in danger, get too close to me while I am asleep, get handsy with any of my girls, lie to me, steal from me, or damage my profits.

If this sounds like a job for you, then, by all means, come down to the tavern by the docks and talk with the Redheaded Halfling most likely working with a lute – Don’t get stabbed before you get hired.

Chargen Rules

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