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Portals were discovered from all over Faerun. Portals that were sealed and inert from ages past. Upon opening them it was discovered they lead to a nearly untouched plane that lacked any sort of sentient life. There was, however, a catch. Those that went to investigate could not return. The portals were either defective or rigged in some fashion. Going to the new plane was easy enough. Coming back seemed to be impossible. Entering the portal to return to Faerun resulted in the individual arriving back home as a half-rotted corpse. Teleportation spells yielded the same results. It seems as if the planar barrier around this very plane refused to allow organic life to leave, as it was discovered objects worn or carried were unaffected. Even livestock or test animals faced the same fate. The nations and governments of Fearun wanted to exploit the new world, but could not afford to send anyone of value. So they set about searching for willing individuals from the peasantry. Commoners that could handle the labor and nobody would miss.

Character Generation Rules
Kingdom building rules
Homebrew Rules
Class Unlocks
Daily Fate Checks

The Kingdom of Lesko
Founder/Ruler: Darius

The Kingdom of Nirvash
Founder/Ruler: Eureka

The Kingdom of Somane
Founder/Ruler: Alexander Somane

The Kingdom of Zosk
Founder/Ruler: Yhivi

Kingdom of Erinia
Founder/Ruler: Erin I the Clueless

Great Southern Seewall
Founder/Ruler: Wrexian Tidewell

Kingdom of Mistwall
Founder/Ruler Fargon Svine

Kingdom of Ameryndia
Founder/Ruler: Artanesia Highwind

Kingdom of Hyde
Founder/Ruler: Daniel Forester


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