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Fifth interview with the Twins

How do you treat people you have only just met? Retsuko: With caution, but respect, and we’ll have their back. Does this behavior chance as you get to know more about them? Shizuko: If they prove honorable we get less cautious, If not… We get a bit.. colder. Who is the most important person in […]

Tomi’s Fourth Interview of the Dvati Twins

Do you tend to view the world with an optimistic, or pessimistic outlook? Shizuko: Optimism helps. What is your greatest fear? Retsuko: Not being able to become Samurai again. What are your views on religion? Shizuko: We worship the draconic goddess Hlal. Her views on humor and jokes and her unique form of honor have […]

Tomi’s third interview of the Twins

What event in your life has been more important than any other? Retsuko: Being granted our pilgrimage. Shizuko: Despite being branded honorless from it… Who has had the greatest impact on your life? Retsuko: Probably our mother, despite how much we love our father. Shizuko: Mixed race families are hard. What is your greatest achievement […]

Tomi’s second interview with the Dvati Twins

How was your childhood? Retsuko: It was tough, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Shizuko: Mother raised us as people whilst Father raised us as warriors. He was always strict because of our frailty, but he loved us. What are your earliest memories? Retsuko: Probably when we were given our first Bokken, our […]

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