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Fifth interview of Cannon Mannon

How do you treat people you have only just met? “Fairly. That’s about it.” Does this behavior chance as you get to know more about them? “Only sometimes.” Who is the most important person in your life? “As of this moment, myself. But even if my family is not here, they are.” What person in […]

Fourth chat with that cannon guy

Do you tend to view the world with an optimistic, or pessimistic outlook? I like to think I’m a little too optimistic, it repulses some people.” What is your greatest fear? “Drowning, maybe fire.” What are your views on religion? “There are only paths in life, and weather or not there is an end is […]

Third interview of Cannon Man

What event in your life has been more important than any other? “Leaving home.” Who has had the greatest impact on your life? “I’d probably guess my father?” What is your greatest achievement in life so far? “I built this cannon, and I work as an engineer.” What has been your greatest setback in life […]

Tomi’s Second Interview with Cannon Man

How was your childhood? “We traveled a lot, but I’m not bothered.” What are your earliest memories? “Being taught about how clocks work. They are amazing.” Did you have any sort of formal education or training? “Yes. I was schooled well, but retain little of it.” What was your experience with this education or training? […]

Tomi’s interview of the Cannon Man

What do you wish to be called? “Cannon man works, Vaull works as well. Utta is acceptable, you know,as long as I know you’re talking to me we should be fine.” Where and when were you born? “I don’t remember.” He states, and shifts uncomfortably. “I’m not sure its too important.” Who are, or were, […]

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