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The seventh visit Tomi makes with Zavi

Describe your typical daily routine? Zavi counted on his fingers. “It’s pretty simple. I wake up, I meditate, looking into myself, pray and receive the spells I asked for in my prayer. Then I stretch, put on my armour if I know it’s going to be needed and that’s about it.” What is your response […]

Tomi’s sixth sit down with Zavi

What is, or are, your favortie hobbies or ways to pass the time? “When it’s sunny, I bask in the sunshine, and imagine two dragons fighting in the skies – always different dragons, over a different reason… I always imagine the metallic dragons winning though. When two chromatic dragons fight in my mind, the situation […]

Fifth interview of Zavi

How do you treat people you have only just met? “If they are polite, I am polite. If they are rude, I tell them to stuff it. Simple.” the kobold said “It’s really tempting to just be abraisive from the get-go, but I try my best to overcome my frustrations.” Does this behavior change as […]

Tomi’s fourth chat with Zavi

Do you tend to view the world with an optimistic, or pessimistic outlook? Zavi waved his hand in a 50/50 gesture. “Optimistic, because I know Good will prevail – but also a bit pessimistic because I know people will still be bastards to each other.” What is your greatest fear? “That I’ll fail my mission […]

Tomi’s third interview of Zavi.

What event in your life has been more important than any other? Zavi licks his lips, eyes squinting in thought “Well… there are two such events for me… I think the first one is more important, yes. It was the day when I was fighting the goblins trying to break into the clan warren. I […]

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