Your current Copper balance is

Position User Copper
1 Zavi 2cp
2 abbeysnoddy26 0cp
3 bhavidra2002 0cp
4 davislawrence72 0cp
5 fanniemcquay46 0cp
Position User Copper

Now, this is what some of you can use your Copper for. This has to be done manually, but if you are a player in one of my solo games you can roll on this table. One Copper nets you one roll on this table. You will roll a d20 and that is the item you get. That item then gets an X next to it. As soon as there are 10 X next to an item, it’s removed from the table and the next item in line is brought up.

This table will never have an item over 1000gp in value on it.

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