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You find yourself lost in the woods, to be more specific, you do not know how you had gotten here or from whence you had came. You do know many things however, about this setting, the area around which you can see hear and touch. You may be able to taste the plants and surely you can smell them, but there is little that can be done with that information at the moment. Because of course you should probably find your way out of this place and to civilization as soon as possible, or at least before night falls, and the many perils of these woods consume you.

This forest location is a greenery of scenes that grows around you, deep trees and paths through the woods, this place, is the cross section of many within the strange place that you have found yourself in. In fact, these four paths that converge here, though not labeled are at the very least traveled well by all who might cross through here on trade routes and on their way to cities possibly just out of view. And the many ferns and shrooms that grow here indicate that this neck of the woods seems to be well maintained or at least left to its beauty as a place of nature apart from where wagons have laid tracks.

While you are sure that you may have more than likely come from the north based on a few sets of tracks that have been laid here, more than likely by your booted feet, you are unsure why you had come from that way at all in the first place. But still, you must make a choice now, and if you wish to travel back north then you may do so. But three other worn paths of East, South, and West still lay in wait ahead and your destiny is behind one of them. Better get moving and choose a path before the night sets in. Lest you become victims to the wolves howling in the distance.

What direction shall you go?

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