Heading east along the trail, the forest seems to start to thicken until it turns from a small lush area of dry wood full of trees with large leaves of green and yellow, to a deeper, dank looking forest full of vines, the trailing becoming more like a tunnel but opening up eventually into a lake side trail there where a a small home along it set in the jungle can be seen. That along with a small dock and wooden rowboat lie here, the cabin lights off inside but an unlit candle sitting in the window. You’re sure that this place has not been lived in for some time, this strange cabin which seems to be broken down an abandoned.

You may be able to stay the night here, and it could be safe, but who’s to tell? After all, the door there seems to be partially off its hinges, and the base of the home has some roots growing through it, holes in the room and daylight seen there through the roof. You could stay here, but it may be dangerous with the wild life that may be here, or you could move on. Then, there is the boat. A small still floating rowboat mad of tarred wood with a single well preserved paddle there. You could always take it out onto the lake.

The choice is up to you, but what will be done, cannot be undone as the sun is already just a sliver in the sky now, oddly enough and the chosen path might just disappear into he darkness or into the territory of the wildlife behind you. Another choice lies ahead either way.

Take Refuge in the Cabin

Which route will you take?
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