As you travel south, the howls of the wolves seem left behind, but the night still grows closer and the light thinner. Down through the brush eventually you come along a path that lies there by the swamp. This swamp, passively swarming with all types of winged insects seems to be long forgotten by the world, long forgotten by those who used to inhabit any area near here. Though, it seems the wild life has taken over here, and the world seems to have regrown its roots with large trees of looming willows and wild brushes. But there are still flat spots here, sand bars and drifting, blowing reed lumps full of swamp wood, and cat tails.

Either way though, you need to find a few things now that the danger has passed and you have entered the swamp. Your priorities should be in order before you do anything, food, clean water, shelter, since you are indeed clothed even if they are just the tattered remains of what you were or rather are wearing. It should keep you warm here in the swamp, where the gasses seem to rise and bubble with warmth in the swamp, the well insulated thickets to keep you here. So the question is are you going to set traps, or perhaps find a way to boil water first, maybe make a small shelter? The chance to survive is thriving here. The chance to thrive even more so, but camp for the night is the best idea. So what will you do first, food, water or shelter for the night?

What shall you seek first?
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