You awaken, laying in the snow. Every part of you aches in a way that suggests you fell pretty hard. Your entire body feels like one big cramp. As you attempt to move you notice everything is responding, just a bit slowly. As you look yourself over you find you have very plain clothes. A shirt, and a long skirt, each looking as if they may have been repurposed from some sort of canvas. Certainly not clothes meant for traveling in the winter but better than some other options.

The struggle to your feet is far from enjoyable but once you have a moment to stretch the pain begins to recede. Your inspection of yourself shows that your clothes are not wet, suggesting you have been in the snow for a very short time as it has not had a chance to melt. There are no tracks at all, meaning you did not walk or ride out to where you are. Looking around you see a forest to the south of you, and mountains to the north. The east and west are flat for as far as you can see.

What do you do?
Check Your Pants
Check the snow for belongings
Head south to seek some form of shelter.

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