The Live-aboard

This is something of an Adaptation of A roleplay I once had that lasted a year and a half before the partner simply deleted their account and left. I one day hope to play it some more, but for now I think I shall adapt it here so more of us can enjoy it.

The Setup is fairly simple. This idea was born out of the potential that exists within the series Star Trek: Enterprise. That is the NX Enterprise captained by Archer, not Kirk or Picard. You are a High School student that has done well enough in school that arrangements have been made for you to spend your senior year working as A sort of intern aboard a Starship before being sent back to Earth to attend the academy(Many Highschools in the United States have a similar program today. In most places, it is called Work Study. You get a paying job and as long as you maintain the job your school gives you credit towards graduation as well). You are one of Five students that have been given this honor this year. You will be paired with A ranking officer in the career field which you are already best qualified for. So, let us begin.

What is your gender?



What is your gender?
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