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    1. Undead have been seen near Yarptice. They approach within view of the city. As soon as guards respond by moving out of the city, the undead seems to retreat.

    2. A few local farmers have complained of seeing a six-legged black horse with glowing white eyes. Anytime it’s seen near any animals at any farm those animals seem to become Infertile or impotent.

    3. Within Yarptice there are rumors that a Kobold Sorcerer knows of ancient rituals to enhances spells. Rituals that are the prelude to what is now known of Metamagics.



    4. In Yarptice, the Kobold Chieftain suffers from A strange malady. The Court Wizard claims only the waters from an ancient fountain may cure him.

    5. In East Moon a local tough guy is looking for a crew to help him recover some property. Interested parties shoudl inquire for Krovas at the Silver Eel

    6. The new King of Horizon Towers is interested in discovering what became of a new settlement established during his grandfather’s time.

    7. Rumors come down from Red Roost of herds of unusual creatures once again being spotted traveling through the mountains, once again leading to a surge of adventurers in the area trying to seek exotic mounts.

    8. A village in the domain of Glitter Tower has begun reporting attacks by undead at night. There are no deaths, but each night the attacks come someone is missing the following morning. THe undead attack while specifically avoiding any killings.

    9. A traveling troupe of troubadours has put out A call, challenging any to deliver the most astounding costumes possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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