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    6. The Gnome has recently opened up A shop advertising exotic ammunitions
    7. A large amount of Undead have been seen around Fellgone. Nobody has been attacked, but they see undead so often they don’t even panic that much anymore.
    10. A temple a few miles from Carshune is buying up weapons in bulk.

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    11. Individuals walking around the Dragon District alone at night claim to hear chanting coming from directly behind them. Those that were brave enough to turn and face the noise report feeling nausious but seeing nor hearing nothing.

    12. A group of Barbarians have turned Bandit and are raiding the roads between Horizon Towers and Yarptice

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    1. The farms around Fellgone that supports their entire city and several neighboring villages have been torched. All of them burnt on the same night with a fire that spread far too fast to be a normal fire.
    2. The 30th Division of the Empress’s personal forces was wiped out. Recruiting for replacements will begin soon.
    3. Gelvanus speaks of Werewolves hunting peasants after dark.
    4. In West Harbor the entire crew of a trade ship was wiped out overnight. Witnesses claim the entire crew commit suicide by repeatedly stabbing themselves with the same dagger. A dagger one of them won in a poker game earlier that day. The city guard took possession of the dagger when they cleaned up the scene, but it went missing the very next night. It’s location is currently unknown.



    5. The Mayor of Fellgone has been assassinated.

    6. Words comes of a “Bandit in the south” that is gaining power.

    7. Edgrin found someone to fund his expedition. Unfortunately almost everyone died when their digging broke open the resting place of A strange red dragon with black stripes. Everyone in the dig area was killed. The only survivors were two dwarves that left the area to get supplies for those working. 72 people were killed in minutes.

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    9. A local bard of some renown is asking for assistance in retrieving a musical instrument that has been lost to time.

    10. Mo the Lightning God has enrolled in the tournament and begun training.

    11. A now recently blinded monk in the care of the temple of Azuth in Carshune claims to have seen an item of extreme power in the hands of a band of orc bandits. Claims it was the last thing he ever saw.

    12. Elections for a new mayor have begun in Fellgone.



    A merchant in Carshune has learned of the location of some Glassap trees. He is looking for a party to acquire some Glassap for him.

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