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    I’m starting a small list of game ideas I have had over the years. Keep in mind I am a horror GM and these games are all made for a horror setting. Feel free to use them for what ever.

    Faceless Plague
    Somewhere underground there is an artifact within the church crypt raising undead and turning towns folk into faceless killing machines. The PC’s are tasked with locating and destroying it.

    Clue 3.5
    Someone is going about and ending lives, and we can’t have that. The PC’s need to find out who and fast before each one of them is picked off. Bonus points if it takes place in an inescapable setting IE the middle of the ocean on a boat.

    Everyone is John
    Have everyone make characters, don’t tell them the setting, but that they all wake up in the same room with no memory. Guide them turn by turn until they figure out they are all secretly playing the same character with multiple personalities.

    Impostor’s masterpiece
    The PC’s are the town hero’s, they always have been, but can’t remember why. Don’t tell them they are secretly wax golems. When they figure it out, have them go on a quest to find the real hero’s, which they murdered as soon as they became sentient and replaced, wiping the memories of murder to become the hero’s.

    Possession in turn
    Have each one of the PC’s during their sleep commit a crime. Do this until they figure out its them, but only because they are being controlled by a ghost.

    White collar
    Classic slasher/ shooter where the PC’s have npc classes and have to survive escaping a city/office/school where a mass murderer is going on a rampage.

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