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    This is a Play By Post style game here. So in order to insure proper levels of activity we need to have a few rules. I am coming up with these off the top of my head at the moment so they may make me seem like an asshole till I come back and clean them up later.

    1. Each character will have 72 hours from the DM’s post to reply. Not doing so will be seen as skipping one’s turn and the game will move on with no reward for that turn.

    2. The game will be handled A Tenday at a time. This game is A bit of a Kingdom Builder game.

    3. You will have the option to take 10 on most any action. You will never have the option to take 20. You must declare you wish to take 10, for if you do not I will roll for you.

    4. Check back here often, for new rules may appear as needed.

    5. Make a reply to this thread that you agree to these rules, then head over to the Character Pool to see the rules for character creation for this game and post your character there.



    I agree, sounds fun!
    And hey, can we exchange the porn ads for something family friendly? I’d rather my father-in-law’s computer not show that I had these in my user activity. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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