Some of you have heard part, or all of the crap I am going through right now. Some may have heard nothing or just don’t care.

A few months ago, at the very end of May, we got A letter saying we were losing our houses on unpaid taxes. Our landlord ghosted on the taxes even though we were paying our monthly payments to him. He lived in another state so we could not use a Michigan laywer to go after him, we would have had to hire a Florida laywer to go after him because he lived in Florida. We could not afford that.

The first place mother found had found, she made a payment on and the guy just took the money and ran. So for the 30th time I told her she can’t pay for something she finds on ebay unless she pays through ebay/paypal. So that was $400 lost to the wind.

Then right around the same time we ended up having a major problem with our vehicle that resulted in several hundred dollars in repairs. So that ate almost half our money for June. At that time we lived 30 miles from the nearest place to buy food, so having a vehicle was urgent. Public transportation was not an option.

So we spent most of June scrambling to look for a place to move to. Our budget being about $300 a month for rent. So we ended up loosing up fixer-upper type places. The first one we found, cost $200 to go look at. Upon looking at it we found the back door was completely missing. Large swaths of flooring on the second floor had been torn up. The wiring had been totally gutted. Human feces were on the floors in several rooms. Several windows were missing. It was tagged with gang labels. It was not going to do. But unfortunately, mother had already paid the down payment, which we were obviously not going to get back. So all of our finances for June were gone.

We kept looking in June and found a place in Anderson, but she finally wised up and insisted on seeing it before she paid for it. So they got a pay-day loan to come down and look at it in June and got it inspected. They were told it needed 1 wire fixed and something in the power box fixed then it would be ready to go. Needed a lot of work on it but it was actually livable. So we agreed to make the payment first week of July and take it.

Upon coming down in July and attempting to get power on, it turns out there were more problems. Namely that the electricians in Anderson are mostly shit human beings. Electrician after Electrician came out, looked at the job, then refused contact. One saying his boss won’t let him. Another saying they are to busy.

Eventually, near the end of August, we got the 6th electrician to actually give us a legit quote. $1,950 to get power to us. So after spending half the summer in 90 degree weather without so much as a fan, we now know how much it will cost us to get a fan. We moved from Northern Michigan where summers are 70 degrees, where I use a fan all day and night, to 90 degrees. No fans. Also no running water. No bed. No lights. For a month and a half. Well that is not entirely true.

In the middle of July we did manage to get water but it only came out of one faucet in the basement 3 inches off the floor. So we were able to fill a bucket to flush the toilet once or twice a day. By the end of July we had water up to the toilet properly, but the toilet was broke. So it had to be manually turned on/off to fill up. Even then it’s an old toilet and it flushes super weak. But we could still fetch buckets from the basement which ended up being used to wash cloths as well. By the middle of August we got water up to the tub. Ice cold water, so bathing in it is not viable but at least it’s easier to get water for washing cloths.

We have visited every help agency in the area, all of them say they don’t help with home repairs. We should go talk to someone else, whom then says the same thing. So far only one agency has not told us to go to someone else. But that’s only because they never answer the fracking phone at all.

The Step-Dad has since wasted a good chunk of our money on multiple trips back up to the old house to get more and more stuff from the old house to bring down. Most of which he has no use for, just hurt feelings that he might lose it. Even though he never used most of it even there. The old house was a 2600 square foot home and we had so much stuff in it that it was a cluttered mess and less than half the stuff in the house could ever be found. Now we are moving into a 700 square foot home and he wants to absolutely leave NOTHING behind. It’s over $100 a round trip to get to the other house and back. We are running out of space here already to the point that stairs to the basement are being used as shelves. Yet in the last two trips he didn’t even get the two items he was using as an excuse to go.

This last trip brings up a particularly frustrating point.

Last month was supposed to be the LAST trip up north. Step left behind a wheel barrel and a bicycle last month so they HAD to go back again this month to get it. THey brought back a full van load this month with no bike and wheel barrel. To top it all off his daughter in law dumped out his bill collection on the ground and let the neighbor kids steal it. (While none of us where there, she went into the house and went through stuff.) Including some colonial money and uncut sheets of bills. Now it’s all pretty much gone. Kids thought it was play money so some got chopped up, some got burnt. One bill evidently ended up in police custody and now the state police want to talk to me and my step-dad about alleged counterfeiting. And to top it all off, they blew a tire on the way back so the LAST of the money for this month went into that. So now we have no money for food or gas. Still have no electric or way to heat the house. And the food assistance application still is not turned in. Also the effort to get a small loan from the credit union in order to get power was rejected.

Our last ditch hope to get power before winter was to apply for a grant. And thanks to the blown tire, we do not even have the money for the grant application. Or food and gas for the rest of this month.

So now we are trying to figure out how to EAT… and how to come up with 1,950. At the rate we are going.. we will be able to have power next summer. If we can make it through the winter to begin with.


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