Your current token balance is

Position User Tokens
1 Camber 558Tks
2 TheDeafMuteGameMaster 507Tks
3 Melphic 507Tks
4 LarondaAmilsOL 505Tks
5 PatrizaBoobeEJ 505Tks
6 Cthulhu 504Tks
7 OsciarWagmaNK 504Tks
8 TeresafouctCS 504Tks
9 TyeshaverQV 504Tks
10 SargfahblingRI 504Tks
Position User Tokens
Tokens Action
500Tks 500 Token Signing bonus for registering
1Tks 1 token for visiting, up to once an hour.
10Tks 10 points for commenting on a post
5Tks 5 points for commenting on a page
10Tks 10 points for creating a forum thread
2Tks 2 points for a forum reply

As you can see, you get tokens for various forms of activity on this website. You can spend 10 tokens to roll on the table below so that you may impact the world of M’Kal.

11 Copper
21 Silver
31 Gold
41 Platinum
51d4+1 Copper
61d4+1 Silver
71d4+1 Gold
81d4+1 Platinum
9Name a Tavern in Outport
10Name A Fishing Boat in Outport
11Name an Inn in Outport
12Name A general store in Outport
13Name a Tailor's Shop in Outport
14Name a Smith's Shop in Outport
15Name a Ferry Service in Outport
16Name a Warehouse company in Outport
17Name an Enchanter's Shop in Outport
18Choose an organization to be found in Outport
19Name a Rares shop in Outport
20Name a temple in Outport
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