Welcome, To Eilistraee’s Champions!

We are A gaming build born on the Khyber server of Dungeons and Dragons Online.

We hope to tickle your fantasy while you are here. There are several ways we hope to do this.

You will see books that are strongly loved and suggested by prominent members of our community. The majority of which are going to be Fantasy in nature.

There will also be sections dedicated to D&D where we will have Homebrew content, premade characters ready to play, and the campaigns and games that are in progress.

We will also take great pride and joy in talking about the great D&D video games we enjoy. Sharing mods, walkthroughs, guides, builds, and of course our dirty little cheats. Let’s all agree that sometimes we just love cheating the system once in a while. Be it standing behind that one rock the enemy AI can’t get around to attack you in a video game. Or that moment the DM lets you get away with a massive critical that the rules don’t say you earned because he likes your creativity in the moment.

But most important of all, we have the forums. Where people can interact together as well as sharing in ideas and games.

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