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Lethal Mischief in Brasstar (The Attack on Gruntest)

“…You want to attack that place head on?” “What–? No! What am I, insane?“ A conversation that must have taken place sometime before the battle at Gruntest. Gruntest is a big city. One can’t really understate just how impossible it would be to simply roll over such a large city full of orcs ready to […]

The Attack On Everheart City

One cannot count on Mother Nature to dote on them and make sure they’re taken care of like any other kind of mother. The druids of Everheart City are more aware of that fact than most. The Tree Top City of Everheart is well defended against attackers. The massive trees the city is built upon […]

Why must adventurers fix everything?

So, why it is your characters have so many problems to resolve constantly? Why are there so many problems to deal with that don’t seem to go away. If there are so many wealthy kings and queens are so wealthy and have so much power, why is it there are so many problems left in […]

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