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Chosen of Talos

Chosen of Talos embody their deity’s fury. Singled out by Talos due to their skill at destruction, these individuals take delight in using their powers to wreak havoc. Most are slightly insane. They seek to destroy all that they can, not caring about lives taken in the process. Creating a Chosen of Talos “Chosen of […]

Chosen of Bhaal

Chosen Of Bhaal  Special Qualities: A chosen of Bhaal retains all special qualities of the character and gain the following. Bonus Spells (Sp): Constant – Mind blank, Unholy Aura At will – Invisibility 1/day – Wail of the Banshee 2/day – Power Word, Kill 3/day – Desecrate, dimension door, gaseous form Damage Reduction (Ex): 5/+2 […]

Chosen of Selune

The Chosen of Selune  The Chosen of Selune is a template that can be applied to any humanoid of good alignment whome The Moonmaiden favors. The Chosen has all racial and class abilities she possessed before becomming Chosen as well as the following:  Spell like abilities : Constant: Protection from Evil, Protection from Law, True Seeing at […]

Chosen of Selune

Chosen of Selune CHOSEN OF Selune “Chosen of Selune” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature (referred to hereafter as the “character”). A Chosen of Selune uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A Chosen of Selune has its power at the will of Selune, should the […]

Chosen of Umberlee

Chosen of Umberlee Although a fickle and malicious goddess, Umberlee sometimes sees the need to have someone protect her interests in the material plane, be it leading her followers against those who would disrespect her command of the sea, or sending her Chosen against the minions of her foes. The Chosen of Umberlee understand better […]

Chosen of Kiaransalee

Chosen of Kiaransalee Also known as The Yathrinshee Its a template that can be added to any Elf or Half Elf. A Chosen of Kiaransalee uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below. BONUS SPELLS (Sp): Constant~~ Detect Undead, Cloak of dark power, Magic circle against good. At will~~ Holy Sword, Desecrate, […]

Chosen of Tymora

Chosen of Tymora A Chosen of Tymora is the living embodiment of the Lady of Luck, sharing her friendliness and grace, as well as her good nature. The Chosen are full of risks, but aren’t reckless as they the know Tymora will ensure they live a long, eventful life. Tymora chooses only her best and […]

Chosen of Kossuth

Spell Like Abilities:Constant-Resist Elements (Fire/Cold) At Will-Burning Hands, Produce Flames, 5/day-Wall of Fire, Shatter 3/day- Fire Shield, Fire Shield,Fire Seeds, 2/day-Fire Storm, Disintegrate, 1/day-Incendiary Cloud or Earthquake  Immunities- Kossuths Chosen do not suffer the effects of aging, poisons, and all mind altering effects. They do not suffer any effects from being extremely dry or hot […]

Chosen of Shaundakul

Spell Like Abilities:Constant-Message At Will- Expeditious Retreat, Locate Object 5/day- Gaseous Form, Dimension Door, Wind Wall 3/day- Fly, Teleport,Wind Walk 2/day- Find the Path, Teleport Without Error 1/day- Astral Projection 1/month- Gate Immunities- Shaundakuls Chosen do not suffer the effects of aging, poisons, and all mind altering effects. Summon Air Elemental- Once per tenday, the […]

Chosen of Mystra

Special Qualities: A Chosen of Mystra retains all of the special qualities of the character and also gains the following: Bonus Spells (Sp): The Chosen of Mystra may choose one spell, of each level one through nine, which she may use once per day as a spell-like ability. The caster level for these spells is equal to […]

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