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LA +6 Races

LA +6 Races (78) Race (Source) Racial HD, LA ——————————————— Archon, Word (web: 10 HD, LA +6 Astral Stalker (Monster Manual 3 12, Monster Manual 3 Errata) 12 HD, LA +6 Asura (Book of Exalted Deeds 164, Dragon #312 52) 8 HD, LA +6 Barghest (Monster Manual 22, Savage Species 20, SRD) 6 HD, […]

Stan Dard vs Frank Vopard, Level 2

So when we last left off with these two we had determined that in combat Stan Dard was a bit stronger in combat due to 3 extra AC, and 3 extra HP. Making him 15% less likely to be hit, and able to take 1 hit more from the kobolds. Meanwhile, Frank has +2 in […]

Stan Dard vs Frank Vopard

Here we have it, the beginnings of a Rivalry. Our two adventurers in question are named Stan Dard, and Frank Vopard. Both are from families of similar backgrounds with most of their working family members either being in the town guard or military for part of their careers. Adventuring was a bit uncommon, but not […]

Challenging Vow of Poverty

It’s time to have one of the old arguments of D&D. If Vow of Poverty is totally overpowered. I believe it’s underpowered myself, but a great roleplaying tool. That being said I’ve never actually seen evidence of anyone actually ever doing any sort of comparison. Just lots of unintelligible screaming. So I thought it might […]


 So at the request of one of our members, I’ve begun working on the Chronological reading order for Forgotten Realms. I had always meant to do this but I kept putting it off. ADHD, Laziness, whatever you walk to call it. Either way, here we are now. The first story in the chronological lore […]

Another chunk of Eilistraeen lore

I don’t have a lot to say here, you should just read it! Eilistraee and her Faith This is published by a friend and is a good read.

The Plundergeist

A Plundergeist is a type of undead, that results when a Kender is wrongfully executed for a theft it was not involved in. This type of undead becomes bound to a location of it’s choosing. That location it has chosen becomes the center of its proverbial world. This location can be an individual it has […]

Chosen of Beshaba

Chosen of Beshaba Sometimes, the Maiden of Misfortune choose some people to spread bad luck amongst the Realms. At any time, it can’t be more than 6 Chosen of Beshaba, cause the number 7 is considered a lucky one. In fact, this is very rare to have more than 5 chosen. When Beshaba create a […]

Chosen of Tiamat

This is our Chosen of Tiamat Template. A chosen template is a temporary boost in power given to a creature by a deity which either particularly favors the creature, or has an important mission the creature must carry out. Some deity may have multiple chosen, while some deity may have none. While it is benefitial […]

Custom Legacy Item

In my Land of M’kal game I am using custom legacy items for my players. Rules on those are here. 1. A Legacy item may be awarded to you from your family line. 2. You must have a story to go with your legacy item to suggest why it has sentimental value for you. 3. […]

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