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Historical Profession List

Sometimes it comes to pass that there are players that wish to make use of the Profession skill but are unsure what makes sense in a D&D setting. Here is a fair starting point base on historical options. There is a lot of redundancy below, and this doesn’t begin to include the new and unique […]

Chosen of Shar

Chosen of Shar are nihilists who seek to aid their patron in returning the world to perpetual darkness. They wait for the day when the deities will war again, Dendar will eat the sun, and the multiverse will end, plunging the multiverse in a state of twilight. It probably never occurred to any of the […]

Chosen of Lolth

Special Qualities: A Chosen of Lolth retains all special qualities of the character and also gains the following. Bonus Spells (Sp): Constant—spider climb, Cloak of Dark Power, free action. At will–discern lie, enthrall. 5/day:–see invisibility, shield of faith, warning shout*. 3/day–hold monster, zone of truth. 1/day–  Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of Lolth are immune to […]

Chosen of H’lal

This Chosen of H’lal template was created for one of my players, but never got to be deployed. The stats provided by this template were flavored towards creating, resisting, and cleaning up after pranks. H’al from my brief understanding is a bit of a trickster/prankster god. So it stands to reason her followers would enjoy […]

Chosen of Corellon Larethian

Chosen of Corellion Larethian The Chosen of Corellion Larethian are individuals devoted to his ideals and consider themselves to be sacred caretakers of the elven race. Any elf or half elf may be chosen by Corellion but he favors individuals that work to care for elves or seek lost elven relics and magic. Spell Like […]

Chosen of Corellon Larethian

Sometimes dubbed Feywarden Its a template that can be added to any Elf, or Half Elf. A Chosen of Corellon uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below. This excludes Drow as Corellon turned his back on Drow including those he personally sired. +4 Dex +3 Con +4 Cha +3 Str +4 […]

Chosen of Eilistraee

This is a Template that may be added to any creature that has attained special favor in the eyes of Eilistraee. +4 Wis +8 Dex Spells – Constant: Constant: Magic Circle Against Evil, Freedom of Movement, Tongues, Foresight Feats: Whirlwind Spells – 5/day: Protection from Law, Calm Emotions, Atonement Spells – 3/Day: Moonblade Timeless Body: […]

Chosen of Eilistraee

+8 Dex +4 Cha Spells – Constant: Protection from Evil, Freedom of Movement, Comprehend Languages Spells – At Will: Dancing Lights, Protection from Law Spells – 5/day: Cat’s Grace, Calm Emotions, Suggestion Spells – 3/day: Magic Missile(5 missiles) Moon Blade Spells 1/day: Moonfire Immunities: Aging, still accrues aging penalties Any Sword wielded by a chosen […]

Chosen of Mielikki Template

+6 Dex +4 Wis +4 Cha +4 Survival +4 Hide Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Create Portal, Forester Spells At Will: At Will – Calm Animals, Barkskin, Obscuring Mist Spells 5/day: 5/day – Hold Animal, Speak with Animals, Woodshape Spells 3/day: 3/day – Call Lightning, Quench, Liveoak, Summon Nature’s Alley VI(unicorn only) Spells 1/day: 1/day – […]

Chosen of Meilikki Template

Dex: +2 Con: +2 Wis: +5 Saves: +2 to all DR: 5/- Feats: Forester, Skill Focus(Wilderness Lore), Track Spells – COnstant: Endure Elements(Acid, Cold, Fire, Sonic) Spells – At Will: Detect Poison, Speak with Animals, Calm Animal, Speak with Plants Spells 3/day: Wood Shape, Water Breathing, Entangle, Tree Slide Spells 1/day: Azaken, Commune with Nature, […]

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