Black Roost Raized

On the morning of the attack, a group of so-called heroes riding Druids taking the form of Enhanced Dire Eagles took to the sky. They had stayed overnight to seek out the local temple of Malar under the guise of tourism. What initially must have been a bewildering display of arrogance in defiance of the laws of gravity and the jungle to the average gronk running about their daily errands evoked terror when the group began raining down explosives and alchemist’s fire upon the temple of malar.

Their questionable aim was compensated for with the excessive amount of firepower they brought into the sky. In fact, not only was the temple of malar eradicated by the bombing run, but so was almost an entire block of surrounding buildings. Casualties were great, and not even quick action by the city could have done much to save the buildings or lives contained within. Chaos ensued as those attempting to flee and responders attempting to contain the destruction were met with the anomalous presence of undead within the city. In a terrible twist of fate, many of the city’s guards were forced to put down their own citizens a second time.

Eventually, however, the city was able to contain or eliminate the undead threat and contain the fires with the aid of powerful draconic magic. All in all, about 1,000 people were killed in the attack. The area of the bombing has been quarantined due to overwhelming amounts of negative energy coalescing into the area. Those who dare violate the quarantine find a deathly chill inhabiting it as if they’d suddenly stepped into a powerful cold front. Such a chill is hazardous to the health of anyone dwelling there for any extended period of time, and the city is currently seeking methods of fighting back the corruption.

About four minutes after the initial attack, a flight of black dragons was seen taking off in pursuit of the heroes. They numbered about 37 in total. The dragons caught up to the heroes after about eight minutes. The bombing party’s celebration was cut short, permanently, when the flight of black dragons executed them in the sky. An inebriated druid was later apprehended and executed in connection to the bombings back at the city. It is believed he slept through the bombing run.

New Rumor

[Black Roost] After a deadly bombing that killed nearly 1,000 people, a block of the city had to be quarantined due to a deadly chill that haunts the area, stealing the lives of all who linger.

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