Everyone can use a buckler regardless of class or proficiencies. Reasoning: It is a natural reaction for a person flinching from A perceived attack to raise their arm to block it. Even a toddler in real life can do this. So there is no excuse why A commoner or mage in D&D can’t. Granted someone using a two-handed weapon such as a longbow will not be able to get the AC bonus from the buckler. And a wizard casting a spell with a somatic component cannot get the AC bonus. But anyone can use a buckler.
If you have bonus spell slots, for which you do not know a spell for, you may fill these bonus spell slots with lower level spells.
So I promised, you, my players that I had some custom rules to make crafting easier and more profitable. Here is the first part of those rules. Custom craft tools. Buy or craft these and you will be on the path to becoming richer.
Level Value Craft Cost Skill Bonus notes DC
Normal 5gp 1.67 0 - 10
Masterwork 55gp 18.34 2 Normal Consumed 12
+1 900gp 300 3 Masterwork Consumed 14
+2 2500gp 833.34 5 +1 Consumed 16
+3 4900gp 1633.34 7 +2 Consumed 18
+4 8100gp 2700 9 +3 Consumed 20
+5 12100gp 4033.34 11 +4 Consumed 22
+6 16900gp 5633.34 13 +5 Consumed 24
+7 22500gp 7500 15 +6 Consumed 26
+8 28900gp 9633.34 17 +7 Consumed 28
+9 36100gp 12033.34 19 +8 Consumed 30
+10 44100gp 14700 21 +9 Consumed 32
You may notice that all of these require consuming the previous level in order to make them. This is because I am going with the strong assumption that these are not just tools you can buy but instead are tools customized to your personal needs. Also since you are improving upon a toolkit you can't gain bonuses from that toolkit as well. However, if you have two of them...

Additionally, I am going to rule that you can craft items with enhancement values on them. So you can craft that +1 Longsword yourself. But still need the mage to add flaming on it.
Individuals in the West Marches game may purchase training equal to the XP they have actually earned ingame already. Get 200xp from an adventure, you may then buy up to 200xp to match it.
Current Level Cost per XP(inCP) Full Level
1 1 10 gp
2 2 40 gp
3 4 120 gp
4 8 320 gp
5 16 800 gp
6 32 1920 gp
7 64 4480 gp
8 128 10240 gp
9 256 23040 gp
10 512 51200 gp
11 1024 112640 gp
12 2048 245760 gp
13 4096 532480 gp
14 8192 1146880 gp
15 16384 2457600 gp
16 32768 5242880 gp
17 65536 11141120 gp
18 131072 23592960 gp
19 262144 49807360 gp
20 524288 104857600 gp
So now you know what training costs, but you want to know how to find a trainer? Well here is how that process works.

Talk to your DM or Roleplay out your search. Seriously, that's it.
Better assisting your allies is always nice right? New homebrew rule is going into effect.

Now, when you assist a party member you are not shooting for just a +2 bonus for them on your roll of 10 or better. Now, when you roll they get a +2 for each 10 points in your roll. So, roll a 32 and they get a +6 instead of a +2.
When outside of combat, a trained healer may attempt to manually aid a wound in healing, allowing them to maximize the healing spell at no cost. This may only be done outside of combat. It requires a skill check based on the heal skill at the following DCs based on spells. If the skill check fails the heal spell still goes off normally with rolled damage.


Mass spells require you to have one extra 'nurse' for each patient that can also pass an assisted version of the same check.
If one's character is the follower of a deity that is in favor of performances(as per the perform skill) then one may earn favor with, and favors from, that deity by putting on such a performance.

This first round of homebrew is for Performance themed deities because of course, it is.

If performances fall into the portfolio of your deity you may make a performance check paired with a knowledge religion check as a religious act once per day in an attempt to appeal to your deity. The lowest of the two rolls is the deciding factor in this attempt, similar to how disadvantage works. This roll is then compared to the sacrificial rewards table found on page 27 of the Book of Vile Darkness.

One can bypass the disadvantage element by making a ritual sacrifice in place of the knowledge religion check. The sacrifice may come in whatever form is of interest and appeals to the deity in question and should have a value of roughly (10*performer’s level) in GP. For deities that favor the beauty of sorts, this may be incense or perfumes being burnt. For that that favor the hunt this could mean meats or hides.

If this gains traction among the players this is likely to mean more of these homebrews are going to come up relating to methods and interests of other deities.
In my Land of M'kal game I am using custom legacy items for my players. Rules on those are here. 1. A Legacy item may be awarded to you from your family line. 2. You must have a story to go with your legacy item to suggest why it has sentimental value for you. 3. Your legacy item does not level with you. It levels when the GM says it does. This will often be tied to quests and deeds. 4. The table below will tell you the maximum value of your item at each level. This is the maximum completed value at that level, not cumulative. 5. Once a magic is added to the item it cannot be removed or replaced. That +1 jump you put on will always be there unless you up it to +2. You can't swap it for +1 dance, or remove it at all. 6. Use standard enchanting/crafting rules for these. Ignore epic crafting rules completely.
LevelMaximum Value
Examples of Legacy items that have been used so far; Morticia's Hand Crossbow: The weapon came engraved with a poem that spoke of how teaching people of pain is also an act of love. Every sneak attack the weapon gained 10xp per point of damage done. It levels up at the same rate as a PC does using the same amount of XP a player would need to level up starting from 0 at the time it is attained, and as it levels up it's MAX value according to the table above.
For any new characters made beyond this point(End of November 2019), all races get Favored Class: Any as humans normally do. As compensation for losing one of their unique features, humans will now get the Able Learner feat for FREE at level 1. Both of these changes only apply to new characters made after this announcement.
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