Miller’s Delight Nikola’s Bar and Inn Tea Party of Brunnen. Tea Party is a network of taverns that operates in several regions. It is heavily stylized in the Bubble Goth style popularized by the celebrated Sublime Chord singer Kerli Q. The decor and furnishings are in blacks, whites, and pinks, with intricate ornamentation, and a mixture of the cute and the macabre. Barmaids usually sport heavy makeup with high contrast, blacks and pastels, knee-high stockings, stripes, checkered patterns, high platform boots, and short lace skirts. The Brunnen establishment has a darker tone than the other locations in the tavern chain, and uses magical effects (ghost sound, dancing lights, darkness, etc.) in the featured evening performances. Mended Gear of Brunnen is located in the dockside district of the city of Brunnen. It is sturdily built, framed in timber with brick infill, and an ashlar stone foundation. The meals are decent and efficiently prepared; the tavern is known for friendly service and clean beds. Mended Gear is a multiregional chain of taverns with headquarters in Horizon Towers. The founder was an urban druid named Maegera Chancey. She believed in bringing greater harmony and balance to cities through hospitality. The tavern chain is loosely organized, with each tavern independently owned and operated, but following the standards and ideals of the founder, and a portion of the profits going to the chain’s charitable operations. Dancing Bugbear of Brunnen is a tavern that welcomes monstrous humanoids. It is known for the unarmed fights that take place every second and fourth day of the week. The gambling often becomes fierce, and commonly leads to challenges that are settled in the fighting ring. Rooms of common and good quality are available, and the entertainment varies depending on what traveling entertainers are in town at the time. Dancing Bugbear has a sister tavern in Brunnen Undercity of nearly the same name, but the two taverns have widely different management styles.
Red Knight
Deep Sashelas
Finder Wyvernspur

Brunnen Undercity

Underlight Grotto

Silent Twilight - Serves traditional drow fare - dishes made of bats, subterranean fish, rothé, and various vermin, bluecap sporebread, as well as various fungi (barrelstalk, ripplebark, trillimac, water orb, and zurkhwood spores), including various mushroom-based drinks, such as firelichen liquor.

Lionel's Lounge

Dancing Owlbear of Brunnen Undercity is a tavern that features entertainment by trained beasts. It is known for the beast fight pit where competitions to the death are promoted every even day of the week. The gambling often becomes fierce, and sometimes leads to murders. Rooms of poor or premium quality are available, but a patron must have connections with the management to get one of the premium-quality suites. The Dancing Owlbear has a sister tavern in Brunnen city of almost the same name, but the two taverns have widely different management styles.

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