Carshune City

Carshune City

The Leader of Carshune City, and thus all of M'Kal, is Empress Calmita. Empress Calmita appears as a halfling, but rumors strongly suggest she is something else.

Ma’sing Onaste is the assistant minister of public works in Carshune. She is a human aristocrat 5/expert 10. She is responsible for surveying and inspecting buildings for safety and cleanliness standards, approving permits, and awarding construction contracts. She has an office in the palace and ten underlings (five inspectors and five clerks).
Exports: Scrolls: Magical scrolls, produced by various guilds, businesses, and organizations. It is not difficult to find most scrolls a person seeks in this city, provided that the spell desired is not restricted by imperial decree. Even scrolls of an alternative source or rare magical discipline or domain may be.

Glassap: In Carshune City they import glassap, an alchemical substance from the glassap trees. When mixed with alcohol, it is used to create spell-like abilities when a dose is ingested at the same time the imbiber casts a spell, either natively or from a scroll. The process is quite painful, and results can be unpredictable.

A-soo:Magical parasites called A-soo, which are visible as tiny lights under the skin, are imported from Horizon Towers into Carshune City, where they are popular with the capital’s entertainers. The parasites originate from the jungles of the Wildwood, where they infest a variety of nocturnal quetzal birds called the Ga-soo (stats are similar to those of Ravens, but with an Intelligence of 3, Charisma of 11, magical beast traits, spell-like abilities of Daze, Electric Jolt, and Ghost Sound, and have a Challenge Rating of 1). The parasites can only survive in the body of an arcane caster or a creature with arcane spell-like abilities. These microscopic creatures feed off magical energy, and in return provide greater awareness as a limited hive mind, and some boosts to magical and other abilities. They also alter spells that have numeric effects that are determined by dice rolls (such as 1d4, 1d6, 2d4, etc.).

The A-soo parasites can be eradicated with a Cure Disease or similar spell that targets afflictions (but not Remove Curse). The parasites have spell resistance of 10 higher than the caster level of the host, and they use it to resist eradication. This spell resistance does not benefit the host at all, because most spells (with the exception of Cure Disease and similar spells) target the host, not the parasites. The parasites begin to starve in an antimagic field, following the same principles as a person with a Constitution score of 12 suffocating from lack of air. If the parasites starve from lack of magical energy, the infestation may be cured, but it could just be dormant and later revived when the caster regains access to magical energy. The parasites have a 5% chance per caster level of surviving in an antimagic field. This chance is reduced by 1% per hour the caster is in the field. The impact of the A-soo parasites is dependent on the arcane hit dice of the host, increasing as the host increases in magical power. If the host multiclasses, non-arcane spellcasting class levels do not count toward arcane hit dice. A-soo Parasite effects:

1-2 HD: The A-soo parasites grant the host a +1 insight bonus to Listen and Sense Motive checks (due to enhanced awareness), and a +1 circumstance bonus to Perform checks made in low light or darkness (due to the entrancing patterns they produce on the performer’s skin). They provide no substantial illumination (about 6 inches). Hiding is more difficult; the host takes a -1 penalty to Hide checks. The lights become more active when the host is agitated or dishonest, causing a -1 penalty to Bluff checks. The constant mental input from the parasites also makes sleep more difficult: the host gains the Insomniac flaw, with a DC equal to 10 plus half their caster level to fall asleep (if they already have the Insomniac flaw, the Fortitude DC for sleep set by the flaw increases by half their caster level).

3-4 HD: As the A-soo feed off magical energy, they reduce the impact of some spells, but strangely boost their effectiveness in other ways. Any arcane spells cast by the host that have a numeric effect determined by dice rolls (such as 1d4) take a -1 penalty to the effect, per die. For example, a spell with a 1d4 effect becomes 1d4-1, and a 2d4 effect becomes 2d4-2. The host also gains the ability to cast such spells up to one caster levels higher, as if with the Heighten Spell feat, but only for spells that suffer a numeric penalty from the parasites.

5-6 HD: The A-soo begin to affect the host’s abilities, reducing Constitution by 1, and boosting Wisdom by 1.

7-8 HD: The skill bonuses caused by the A-soo increase to +2, and the skill penalties increase to -2.

9-10 HD: The host can now cast spells affected by the parasites up to two caster levels higher, but such spells also suffer a -1 penalty to numeric effects per caster level increase. For example, a spell with a 2d8 effect, that is cast two caster levels higher, would have a 2d8-4 effect.

11-12 HD: Host Strength is reduced by 1, and host Charisma is boosted by 1.

13-14 HD: The skill bonuses and penalties caused by the A-soo increase to +3 and -3, respectively.

15-16 HD: The host can now cast affected spells up to three caster levels higher, but such spells continue to suffer a -1 penalty to numeric effects per caster level increase.

17-18 HD: Host Dexterity is reduced by 1, and host Intelligence is boosted by 1.

19-20 HD: The host and parasite become permanently bonded. The host no longer experiences any sleep loss due to the infestation. The host gains the spell resistance of the parasite. If the host already has spell resistance, it increases by half their caster level. If the parasite is ever eradicated, the host loses 1d4+1 hit points per caster level, and may die due to massive damage if it exceeds the threshold of 50 hit points.

Epic levels: The progression of effects likely continues, with skill bonuses and penalties affected every third level, caster level and numeric values affected ever third level plus one, and ability scores affected ever third level plus two. However, no instances of epic level infestations have ever been documented. Market Value: A 1-ounce vial of A-soo parasites, suspended in an arcane energy-rich medium, has a market value of 900 gp. Vials have a shelf life of 1 week after the vial is produced; the shelf life can be extended indefinitely if Electric Jolt (arcane only) is cast on it hourly. If this method of preservation is used, the container should be made of a material not harmed by electrical damage (by default, the vials are made of copper). Production: A vial of A-soo parasites can be produced from the blood of a freshly killed Ga-soo bird, with a Craft (alchemy) DC of 25, and 300 gp of alchemical materials. The bird is lost in the process. A suitable host that eats a raw, freshly killed Ga-soo bird has a 50% chance of contracting an infestation of A-soo, but an equal chance of gaining any other diseases the bird had as well.
For the Love of Bahamut!: Built in a classical style in marble and ornately carved imported woods. Originally meant to be an inn-salon for lawful good types. But sometime around 3000 MR it got co-opted as a honeymoon spot for lovers of all types. Now it has simply become the favorite romantic festhall in the capital, and has expanded to fill half a city block.

For the Love of Bahamut! (Carshune City), proprietor: Eva Ryōman, Female Human. This exceptionally lanky woman wears a pair of loose white pants with a wide belt, a matching billowy shirt, and pointed high grey boots. Her black hair is greying along the sides and has receded to reveal a widow's peak. Her face possesses mild wrinkles. Her smile is extraordinarily sincere and she smiles readily. Overbrimming with self-confidence, Eva isn't afraid of most anything. She has a strong dislike for people who do not practice good hygiene. Eva enjoys physical pleasures, and is outspoken about her love of warm baths in the hot springs north of the capital, though she gets few opportunities to go there. She hopes to sell her business and retire at the hot springs. She has no heirs.

The Fist and Shackle: a mutual meeting place between adventurers and employers, looking to exchange goods and services for gold. Expect a quiet atmosphere, private booths, and no one to know (or want to know) your name.

The Fist and Shackle (Carshune City), proprietor: Merla Hildereyes, Female Halfling. This well-fed woman wears a shirt that is too small, which lets her gut show, with a simple black coat over it. She wears her hair in ringlets, and has gleaming, smiling amber eyes. A frumpy gal, she takes little thought for her physical appearance, but customers quickly overlook this when they get to know her friendly, open personality. She has a deep-throated laugh that is recognizable across crowded room. She likes to think of herself as humble, but she just doesn’t like to admit how much she loves the limelight.

The Tipsy Tiefling: (Loreless tavern?!)

The Tipsy Tiefling (Carshune City), proprietor: Ugar Feeny, Male Half-Orc-Tiefling. A man with an friendly, welcoming air about him, he wears a brown coat over a blue low-cut shirt, and a feathered hat upon his head. His brown hair is drawn into a tight pony-tail with a beaded black scrunchie. His ears are large, and accentuate the curve of his well-polished horns. Ugar holds honor as the highest ideal, though he often forgets his principles when he drinks too heavily, which his wife Krava helps him avoid. He tends to be very friendly, and is drawn to music, the smells of food and wine, and out-door festivals.
Clockwork Horse Lodge Owner: TBA. The original owner, Wilber Myftromann, was a male half-gnome, but sold the inn several years ago to new management Location: Carshune City, in an arcane quarter. The street outside is recently paved with red brick. Description: The Inn is a fat 3-storied octagonal stone tower with a square timberframed fourth floor. The stucco of the top floor is painted a bright yellow. The roof of the top storey is sloped at a 45-degree angle near the base, but steepens to 75 degrees, ending in a point. On the street level, the lobby of the Inn has a dining room tightly packed with gnome-made tables and chairs. Specials: Goose Curry with Bread and a Tankard of Cider (5 sp); Fruit Soup with Barley Biscuits and a Glass of Brandy (5 sp); Bear Ramen with Boysenberry Tart and a Glass of Whiskey (5 sp)
Maid’s Regret is a vessel that sails the river Yarth near Carshune City, but frequents other ports along that great flowing highway. The ship has three sails and uses nets to catch fish and other aquatic creatures, pulling the nets behind her as she sails against the current. She is built primarily of wood, painted grey and blue, with a garland-bedecked maiden carved into her prow.

The owner of that boat will be a halfling name Nantuckett Sojurn. He has a grey mohawk and is rather stocky for a halfling.
Point of Interest in Carshune The Shrine of the Feathered Serpent is a ruin in the western reaches of Carshune, in the warm temperate forests near the coast, where there is rainfall nearly every day. Little is known about the ruin, except rumors that it is home to a large couatl, who keeps alive the memory of his ancestors in their former abode.
Hommuckle Fizzlegig is a Jermalaine merchant who calls Carshune City home. He is part of a merchant network that spans several regions, held together with family ties (a cousin, Peanuckle Fizzlegig, is based out of Deepstone). Given his tiny size, Hommuckle only deals in wares that sell in quantities of one ounce or less. He is one of the exclusive importers of glassap to the Carshune area, gathering it from a source that must be nearby because he always seems to have some on hand when he returns to the city every ten-day. He is also a vendor of (borrowing this from Camber) vials of A-soo arcane parasites from Horizon Towers, an import popular with bards in the region, and a vendor of tiny pieces of woodcraft art from Deepstone, an import popular with the middle class.
Silver Tongue is a guild representing the interests of several overlapping classes, particularly those that specialize in social skills, especially diplomacy, innuendo, perform (especially comedy, oratory, and rhetoric), and sense motive. Its members include bards, beguilers, clerics, courtesans, divine bards, exemplars, fatemakers, heralds, muses, a few rogues, and even some sorcerers. The guild headquarters are located in Carshune City. It is best known for its training school, which produces some of the best ambassadors and negotiators in M’Kal, and from which many members of the Empress’ diplomatic corps hail. The guild has a legal division that hires out arbitrators and attorneys. There is also an ethics division that provides advice on moral questions, and which investigates members who have been reported for violating the guild’s code of conduct. Due to its diligent efforts to maintain a reputation for integrity and high standards, an endorsement by the guild is accepted by many rulers and organizations as a shorthand for trustworthiness. Membership in the guild is marked on guild members by a magical tattoo on the right forefinger knuckle. The tattoo causes the member intense pain if the individual makes an intentional verbal lie. Misleading statements or lies of omission are not punished, so guild members often get very skilled at skirting around the truth, in order to avoid the consequences of stating an untruth. The guild’s ethics division, however, receives an alert each time the tattoo’s effect is triggered, and they investigate cases in which a tattoo is repeatedly activated. (Some unethical members have been discovered attempting to bypass the tattoo using nipple clamps that turn pain into pleasure, and other devices or magical effects). The Silver Tongue organization is based in Carshune City, where it has more than 200 members. It operates several minor guild offices in other regions.
Ferryboat Golden Sail of Carshune City transports passengers and freight across the Yarth River to the southeastern bank, on the main highway to West Harbor. The great river is more than a mile wide at this point in its journey to the Western Sea. Rates are slightly higher in the rainy season, but are comparable to the price of a good meal for most of the year. The ferry boat gets its name for the yellow-orange lanteen sail that provides some of the power for the ferry when conditions are favorable.
Tirzah Val’or is a bard of rhetoric and oratory. She is one of the Empress’s public relations specialists in Carshune, and a prominent member of the professional ethics committee of the Silver Tongue guild there. Tirzah is a mulan human with chin-length black hair and a round face. She has been known to move crowds to fears or to fury with only a few words. It is often remarked that she needs no instrument other than the humanoid heart, which she plays with expertise. Tirzah comes from an aristocratic family. She has a ready smile and perfect teeth. There is a tattoo on her right forefinger knuckle that marks her as a member of the Silver Tongue organization.

Randolf Fisco, and Aristocrat in Carshune City. He is one of the sons of the head of the banking family. Major bookworm. Can't save a penny of he tried. Can often be found in a suggestive bookshop or in the library.

Mistle Fizzlegig, a prominent artist in Carshune City, is an agnostic dyslexic insomniac, who stays up at night wondering if there is a Dog. During the day, he is employed as a gnome alchemist who creates “disguises in a bottle,” artistic potions that render the drinker identical to another person. They take extreme care and precision, and not a little talent to create. Msr. Fizzlegig’s especiality is imitations of prominent figures of the imperial court. But due to an infamous event some years back, in which some 600 people were all seen at once in the semblance of the Empress, he is now forbidden to create potions that replicate her likeness. It is still unclear what his true purpose was in creating the imposters, but he swore that it was only meant to show the masses, who usually do not have the privilege of seeing the Empress up close, what an unparalleled beauty is Her Imperial Majesty. The empress did not believe his dissembling, but was so charmed by his creative explanation that she deigned to let him off with a stern warning, and of course the result was that his services instantly became so high in demand that he had to go into voluntary exile for a year just to keep his sanity. Msr. Fizzlegig now lives in a townhouse on Ridenour Street, which has a mild Somebody Else’s Problem field enchanted over the front door. Far more innocuous than an invisibility field or similarly expensive enchantment, a Somebody Else’s Problem field has the simple ability to cause persons to ignore or look past it, focusing instead on something that seems relevant to themselves. Thus he is able to hide his abode in plain sight and avoid much of the bother and humbug that comes with celebrity, notoriety, and all that.
Rares Store Ripe Mango is a shop in Carshune City specializing in plant-based wares from remote areas of the continent, from other parts of Toril, and even other planes of existence. Popular wares include foods from their home locales that interplanar travelers would otherwise find hard to purchase, plant-based alchemical ingredients, and of course seeds and seedlings for gardeners and collectors. Ripe Mango is known for its high quality wares, and guarantees that at least half of purchased seeds will germinate, and that seedlings will survive at least 1 year, as long as recommendations for growing conditions and care are followed. The shop is located in a mercantile ward of the imperial capital. It is made primarily of brick and wood, with large windows on the second floor, and an arched glass roof on the third story.
Brass Fitting is a “blacksmith” in Carshune specializing in non-ferrous metalwork, including brass, bronze, tin, and other common metals, as well as more exotic materials. It is rumored that the proprietor may have an allergy to iron, because he refuses to work with the stuff. The shop is located in a market ward of Carshune City, near a fountain in the shape of a soarwhale. It has a brick and stone facade and the shop sign outside the brass-fitted front door features a brass golem in bright blue trousers.
Tailor Store: Fancey and Fey Owner: Idomere Gladwhimple, female seelie fey Location: Near the main market in the civic quarter. The street is paved with large granite slabs and lit with alchemical lamps. Description: Fancey and Fey caters to one of the popular trends in imperial fashion, a current that mimics the almost random and eclectic styles of the seelie and unseelie fey courts of the Great Wildwood. Seen by some as too imitative of styles that have come and gone in Horizon Towers, they are looked down upon by the premier designers at Kaleidoscope Fashion House, but have found broad appeal among the lower nobility, particularly by those of elven blood. The tailor shop is a marble and limestone 3-storey art nouveau building with carved accents in floral and vinelike designs, with a floral tile entry and a showroom whose ceiling is enchanted with a perfect depiction of the major constellations of the night sky. The windows are stained glass, and large murals on the walls evoke woodland scenes from the courts of Lucia, Sibastian, and Loreli. On the top storey of the shop is a rooftop garden where the proprietor hosts afterparties and other events in connection with her fashion line premiers at Kaleidoscope Fashion House. Specialties: Feycraft and elven craft designs, vestments and robes.
Exchequier Argent Location: A financial quarter amid counting houses and exchanges, on an avenue lined by livewood trees and alchemical lamps. Description: Exchequier Argent Warehouse (EAW) of Carshune City is a richly ornamented neoclassical edifice of white granite. The double front doors are clad in copper. The main lobby has heavily armed security guards. Withdrawals, transfers, and deposits are made at counters, where patrons are separated from tellers by brass and steel dividers. They pass account slips, money, and objects of fine or smaller size through a secure slot. In the rear of the lobby are secure booths where patrons can meet with agents to discuss the contents of their vault or other account particulars. Access to personal vaults is strictly controlled, and extensive magical means are utilized to ensure the true identities of persons accessing vault contents, including zones of truth and antimagic fields. Through magical means (reportedly, autoresetting magical traps of Sending), detailed information about the contents of vaults may be exchanged between branches of the warehouse network at distant locations, allowing deposits and transfers and withdrawals of comparable value. For example, a patron in Gelvanus may leave all their valuables in a vault at an Exchechier Argent Warehouse in Gelvanus, then travel to Carshune City, and withdraw from the Carshune City Warehouse an amount of coinage or gems equal to or less than the value of their vault contents, which will be recorded in both branches. Appraisers at Exchequier Argent Warehouses have a reputation for fairness and impartiality, and are often employed as agents in other mercantile exchanges.

Exchequier Argent began as a warehouse run by a squad of retired paladins in Deepsilver, with branches later being established in Deep Iron, Glitter Tower, Gelvanus, and eventually even the imperial capital of Carshune City. As the original business grew, the owners began to take on increasingly valuable storage assignments. Consequently, it upgraded its facilities to be increasingly secure, to the point that its vaults had a reputation for security rivaling that of the Bank of Vergadain in Red Roost. When mining corporations seized control of Deepsilver and Deep Iron, assets in the those locations were stolen by the new ruling powers, resulting in a considerable blow to the reputation and stability of the EAW network. Fortunately, sound management and a high degree of solvency in the remaining branches allowed the network to recover from the crisis. The Carshune City branch, which had become the third largest at the time (after Deepsilver and Deep Iron) became the new operating headquarters for the warehousing network. It has continued the legacy of fiduciary responsibility that made the Exchequier Argent a name synonymous with security and trust.
Handy Tool Proprietor: TBD Location: In a manufacturing quarter, on a square crowded with shoppers, crafters, and laborers. Description: The enchanted tool shop is a stucco and timber large double storey building, with an orange shingled roof and a pillared curved-roof entryway. It is well-lit by a few magical sconces. It contains a well-stocked workshop, and bins full of fasteners, fittings, and other raw materials line one wall. There are many shelves and racks with a wide variety of tools related to most skills. Inventory: Of course a shopper will find the typical skill tools (both simple and masterwork) such as rope and silk rope for Climb, or thieves’ tools and masterwork thieves’ tools for Disable Device and Open Locks. There are crafting tools for every imaginable crafting skill, from lab equipment for Craft (alchemy) to pens, ink, and parchment for Craft (written composition). Also there are profession tools, from telescopes and sextants for Profession (astrology) to axes and saws for Profession (woodcutter). Handy Tool also carries such hard-to-find tools as rings and bracelets with hidden razors for Escape Artist, calls and whistles for Handle Animal, pocket-sized reference books on various topics for Knowledge checks. Most importantly, the shop sells enchanted tools with enhancement bonuses, and can add additional enchantments to a tool a patron brings, or to any tool bought in the shop. Specials: 5% discount when buying 5 or more tools at a time, increases to 10% discount for purchases of 10 or more.

Trusty Artifabrian. On Brightbell Avenue, southeast of Empire Gate, in an arcane quarter of quiet streets and alchemical forges is located this well-known enchanter’s shop. The street outside is paved with spiral-carved flagstones that sparkle with flecks of mica. The Trusty Artifabrian shop is a three storey building of finely carved and polished marble, with several leaded glass windows and a fancifully carved magically reinforced wooden door. A menhir engraved with runes stands beside the building, and the entry is protected by gargoyles of living stone. The shop’s specialty is charms and other magical items priced for the commoner or craftsperson, with magically charged items that replenish as often as twice a day, to even as little as once a year. By this means, the proprietor has placed many useful and lifesaving spells within the budget of the capital’s middle class.
Mount Trader: Nin Ranch Owner: TBA. Location: Carshune City, in an adventurers’ quarter. The square outside is known for refereed brawls in the early evenings on Two Day. Description: The mount trader shop is a two-storey building with a villa-like floorplan. Open-air courtyard in the center is faced with stables and paddocks. Most of the stock is kept 20 miles outside the city proper, at a ranch of the same name. Finer specimens are kept at the shop, which acts as a showroom for the ranch. Specials: 15% discount on second trained warbeast when purchasing two; 10% discount on tack, bridles, saddles, and feed when purchasing a mount
Compass Owner: TBA Location: Carshune City, on the edge of the slums. The street outside has a town crier with the latest news and gossip. Description: The general store is a wooden four-storey building, with the store taking up the ground floor, and the upper storeys filled with tenements. The red roof has a few broken or missing tiles. The store has old but sturdy cabinets and fixtures. The front of the store sells fresh food including baked goods prepared in the building next door. Specials: Used Crafting Tools (4.5 gp); 10% discount on Camping and Traveling Gear; Masterwork Skill Tools (45 gp)
Kaleidoscope Fashion House Location: At a major crossroads in the civic quarter, near the imperial palace. Description: Kaleidoscope Fashion House is much more than a tailor’s guild. Built in a baroque style out of marble accented with gold leaf, the main building of the guild is a visual testament to the wealth and powerful political connections that make the organization the driving force at the center of the imperial court’s fashion world. Although it is not the oldest fashion house in M’Kal (that honor goes to The Thin Curtain in Outport), nor is it the most extravagant (an honor that goes to “Passion” in the Sune Temple Complex of Horizon Towers), Kaleidoscope is certainly the largest, and easily the guild may boast of having the most prestigious--and wealthiest--patrons and clients in all the continent. Kaleidoscope hosts four major annual fashion events, each a week prior to the changing of the seasons. The imperial court is abuzz with anticipation during the weeks before each such event. Designers vie with one another over the show slots at the guild’s largest event hall. Even with a capacity of five thousand spectators, the main Kaleidoscope Hall is not large enough to host all the events’ shows, which run for ten days. Shows typically features seasonal wardrobes and fashion lines from each of the guild’s major clothing designers, and also many portfolio displays from smaller designers looking to make a splash on the Carshune fashion scene. The Kaleidoscope fashion events have a festive, almost carnival slant, though with an overlying atmosphere of sophistication and artistic flair that appeals more to the upper nobility than to the masses. Each fashion week’s elite shows, exclusive banquets, and luxurious afterparties, represent together a stunning display of highbrow showmanship, that set the guild’s events apart from other more typical holiday happenings in the capital during the year.
Platinum Tower of Bahamut
High Priest is Arverth, Eternal Fire is the head priest of the Platinum Tower. A Gold Dragon in the disguise of a golden kobold.


Dugmaren Birhgtmantle
Gwaeron Windstorm
Haela Brightaxe
Deep Sashelas
Thard Harr
Northern most village in the Carshune City domain. Along the road towards Wellsend.

Embermug Tavern
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